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Feb 17 2013
By: JM_1076 First Son 1 posts

Issues with Media Streaming via Media server

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For some time I was able to stream movies I downloaded on my laptop through my PS3 to my TV without having to directly connect my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable. For some reason or another it just stopped working all of a sudden. My laptop can't find my PS3 and my PS3 can't find my laptop. They are both are running on Wi-Fi and both are currently connected to the same network and all share settings are enabled. I have not changed any settings to either machine. Laptop is running on windows 7 and I have the network as a home group. Couldn't find any recent threads on this topic but if there is one can I get a link and you can avoid typing lol. If not please fire away!!!

Please use plain text.
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