Jan 29 2013
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How is a title's "PROGRESS" calculated?

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My steps:

  1. Go to http://us.playstation.com/community/mytrophies/
  2. Pick a title.
  3. Look at the title's value in the "PROGRESS" column.

My problem:

  • I can't tell how "PROGRESS" for a title is calculated.
  • PlayStation customer support said they didn't know either, and suggested I ask here.
  • Example: For God of War III, my "PROGRESS" = 52% and "TROPHIES" = 24, distributed as follows: Bronze (15), Silver (8), Gold (1). "PROGRESS" does *not* appear to = "TROPHIES" divided by Total # of GoW III Trophies Possible. I tried weighting the individual Trophy counts with Trophy values, but that didn't seem to work. Either one of these formulas *is* correct, and I have input incorrect values; or the correct formula's entirely different.

Thanks in advance for your help, 

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Re: How is a title's "PROGRESS" calculated?

Jan 29, 2013

¤ Each trophy has a different percentage to amount to the final %100 completion. The bronze trophies could be about %2-3, silver %4-6, and gold could be %10.  Don't forget that your platinum trophy also counts toward the %100.


Each game is different due to the number of trophies the game has.  There is no set 'formula' for progress.  You could always try to get another bronze and see where the percentage bumps up to from where it currently is.

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