Nov 19 2012
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Help with PS3 purchase

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I hope this isn't spam, I'll admit I'm not intricately aware of that part of forum rules.


But basically, when buying a PS3 on Ebay UK, most seem to be broken, have no controllers and a variety of other defaults ("although they still work". I just want an honest PS3, with a controller, and the necassary leads. An extra controller or memory card etc. would be nice, but am I shooting too low? And is there a way to filter out the crap on Ebay. Surely there must be people like me (overage adolescents) or parents trying to get a square deal on a PS3.


What to do? Thanks for any constructive advice! (oh, and Xbox 360's seem to be equally hard to find in fair order at a fair price!)

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Re: Help with PS3 purchase

Nov 19, 2012

Having spent a great deal of time on eBay I've found that you have to be very, very careful in what you buy.  


Personally, I would never buy something like a PS3 off eBay due to the potential problems and issues that could arise, and there are many.  I've limited my purchases to items where there is little chance for problems, or the items is low enough value that a defective purchase would not bother me.


I would be really ticked off to purchase something like a PS3 only to have it work intermittently or not at all.  To me the whole idea of a PS3 is to have nothing but fun with it.


Only constructive advice is to CAREFULLY read every listing and check the feedback thoroughly on any seller with which you might want to do business.

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