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Jan 13 2013
By: Bektoria First Son 1 posts

Having trouble connecting my PS3 to Wireless

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Hi Folks


Can anybody help.


I'm not very techy so bear with me...


We have recently moved into a new house and have brought my playstation with me. Its 5 years old, and has been connected to many Wireless routers without a problem. We now have a ZyXEL AMG1202-T10A wireless router and I am having REAL issues with it (it came from my ISP).


Could there be a fault with the Wireless receiver in the playstation (my laptop will pick up various other wireless networks on my street) as its not picking anything up at all....


Any form of help will be more than appreciated as I miss being able to play FIFA :smileysad:



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Re: Having trouble connecting my PS3 to Wireless

Jan 13, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Communirty.


Have you performed an internet connection test, if so what were the results?, if not do one & post back.


What other wireless devices are picking up the wifi signal, any at all?



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