Sep 29 2013
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Far Cry 3 keeps shutting down my PS3 (Blinking lights)

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I own a 2010 120GB PS3 SLIM and PS+ member.

I download Far Cry 3 on PlayStation Plus "Instant Game Collection" and two frustrating problems with this game.


First, the game keeps shutting my PS3 [OFF] with three beeps and blinking red lights. No it is not YLOD because it only happens with this game. I play BF3 10 hours straight but  every 5mins on Far Cry 3 it forces my PS3 to turn off. I also play Dragon Dogma, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Gran Turismo 5 absolutely fine. It is whenever I get to a certain point in Far Cry 3 (whether it be a location, time or mission) the game craps itself. The PS3 is not even overheating - I can play multiplayer games for the whole day with no interruptions but I can't play Far Cry 3  for 10mins.


I download the game 5 times already! And it still keeps crashing and rebooting my PS3. I have tried File Restore and Rebuild Data Base from the Recovery Menu. Is this game too demanding for some PS3 now? Speaking of which the frame rate of this game is pretty bad, I can tell it is running well below 30FPS.


In more detail (no spoilers), when I play Far Cry 3 for the first time the game crashed when you first meet Dennis after the prologue through a cutscene (10mins into the game) the game crashed. I kept reloading my save and it keeps crashing everytime I watch that cutscene. So I made a new game and it DID NOT CRASH this time, when the game about to let you explore the world, the game just CRASHED again when I have to hunt plants and animals in a field for Dennis, I kept trying to play past this mission but my PS3 keeps turning itself OFF during this mission. So what I did is make ANOTHER NEW game save (3rd time), guess what? I was able to play the game without crashing for 1hr 15mins before it decides to crash again. Fortunately it only took one reload and can continue my adventure until it crashed again 30mins later, now I am stuck, whenever I move a few metres from my current location the game just crash, three beeps, blinking lights, I'm done. Do I have to start my 2hours of gameplay again? Keep in mind Far Cry 3 only allows ONE game save per playthrough so I cannot just backtrack on my earlier saves because there is none! This game has auto-save.


Please do not talk about YLOD or ventilation issues because I just moved my PS3 from the shelf to the floor with an electric fan blowing air from behind, I also tried playing with and without the patches, disconnected from the internet, deleting browing cache and cookies, resetting display settings, rebuild database, restore file system and downloading the game 5 times with no differences - keeps crashing on the same scenerios. I remind you I can play other games for 10 hours without crashing, but Far Cry 3 only allows me less than 10mins of gameplay, if I am lucky I can play for 1hr max before a crash.


Sorry if it seems I am rambling too much but I am trying to provide as much information as possible.

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Re: Far Cry 3 keeps shutting down my PS3 (Blinking lights)

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Sep 29, 2013

Oh and yes I can stay idle on the Main menu screen as long as I want, but on the Pause menu (such as opening up the world map, quest descriptions, etc) it shuts down when I am idle for too long. The game doesn't even wants me to pause -_-

I can't stress enough why this game has so many problems on my PS3, it seems worse than trying to play Fallout New Vegas, the more you play Fallout New Vegas the slower the game will run since it is taking up cache in the memory until you quit the game and it will clear the cache, its like a 1hr time limit before it will freeze on you, which is not as bad as shutting down your PS3 at random times on Far Cry 3.

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