Dec 01 2012
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Do I have to lose my data??

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My PS3 is broken and It says the sysstem is corrupted. I dont want  to lose all of m data or trophies. I have heard about transferring data from one PS3 to another. Is this possible? Also, How can I get my trophies back. I have 3 going on 4 and 5 platinums (was) and I would really like to keep those trophies when I get my new Playstation. Help?

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Re: Do I have to lose my data??

Dec 1, 2012

You shouldn't lose your trophies if you have been viewing your trophy collection while you are signed in to PSN, which it sounds as though you do.  When your trophy collection synchronizes with the PSN server, all of your trophies are stored online.  It is the only way to back up trophies, and you can synchronize your trophy collection on any PS3 to recover your trophies that were saved online.


Your game save data can only be recovered if your current PS3 is fixed.  The Data Transfer Utility only works if both the source and destination PS3s are working.

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