Mar 06 2013
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Dear All who have a hand in the PS3's design (GUI and what-not)

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    This was some angry tirade but I decided that the important stuff may be ignored with the rest of it  so I'm keeping it simple


Patches.  Seperate Game Data into NO LESS than three categories: Install Data, Patch Data, DLC Data.  Feel free to allow aditional customization, but with this I can save Patch data to usb, or DLC data for archiving or to simply never have to RE-DOWNLOAD a ******* file ever again, or whatever. I can free up space without having to delete DLC data I can live without but also the patch data I'll have to wait 5 hours to DL and install next time I want to play.  Developers don't have the sense to do this on their own because you allow it already, at least in part; you're going to have to make it mandatory. 


Patches.  Get a comprehensive list of patches released per week for games and changelogs.  I feel stupid even typing this because there is no way possible that such a thing does not exist already, I'm just not aware of it and have not been able to locate it so please direct me to its location.  If it does not exist, hire some gamers in an advisory capcity.  These two problems, as well as the trophy interface being a steaming pile might have never been problems to begin with if you at least follow that one suggestion. 


I apologize if my ignorance has led to me making a fool of myself, I hope you can forgive me if that's the case.  Hope these suggestions get where they're needed most.



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Re: Dear All who have a hand in the PS3's design (GUI and what-not)

Mar 6, 2013
Sony don't check here so I doubt they will see this.

Try Live Chat.
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Re: Dear All who have a hand in the PS3's design (GUI and what-not)

Mar 6, 2013

Sony doesn't use the forums to collect user suggestions for new features, design changes, or content.  The PS.Blog.Share site is intended to be used for that (  You are welcome to post your suggestions there, but I wouldn't bother in this case.  Given where we are in the PS3 life cycle, major design changes are unlikely. These particular suggestions are not likely candidates even if you had submitted them years ago.  All game content, including DLC and updates, must be downloaded directly to the PS3 for security reasons. Playstation Store content can't be written to a USB storage device, except when packaged into secured backup images, also for security reasons. If the content could be downloaded to a PC first, or copied to one, then people would alter the files to hack the console; and Sony isn't going to make any design change that would make it easier to circumvent PS3 System security.  Just forget about that.  It won't happen on the PS4 either. 


Patches have to go through certification, so Sony has a list of the patches that have been approved; but it doesn't necessarily track the release dates (it doesn't care), and developers are not required to publish their change logs.  Sony doesn't publish a description of every change to the System software, so it can hardly require licensees to reveal information that it chooses to keep secret.  That would not go over well with partners whose support Sony will need on future consoles (e.g. the PS Vita).

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