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Dec 31 2013
By: Gundam_Phantom First Son 3 posts

Crunchyroll app problems

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Hello everyone, I am trying to find help with the crunchyroll app downloaded from ps store. I am also trying to get a consensus of all the problems you all are having with this app so I can direct crunchyroll personell here. I have written a couple of e-mails to the crunchyroll support team about the problems I and few of my psn friends have had occurred over the past few weeks. I believe if enough of us make a complaint, they will make a ps3 support page... Thank you have a nice day.
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Fender Bender
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Re: Crunchyroll app problems

Dec 31, 2012

Had no problems EVER since this app released. 

Slim PS3. 


Static IP as required for DMZ.

UPNP disabled as DMZ chipset works on router.

ISP DNS still works..

No Hardware firewall on router.

Hardwired to 1Gb/s Router to reduce ping time as much as possible... as have more than one deivce on router..

App has worked since day one...


If you have a PC you can watch 1 week later for free. but this app is only for subscribers.


All feed back does have to go back to Crunchy roll. Its there app, they got it coded to work with their servers..

O and as long as there are users that Don't have any problems you will remain the Minority.

A few of the simulcasts shows have ended so theres less to watch now and less server load...


Space brothers and blast of the tempest were still running untill xmass break.....


HTML5 Video streaming from a LAN PC with PLEX on PS4 Browser

Amazon Fire TV owner... With alot of APKs side loaded..
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First Son
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Re: Crunchyroll app problems

May 12, 2013

Some times wen i go to the crunchyroll app on my ps3 the video go to a black screen it do that some times wen i play videos wen im looking for a video and some times it ether go to that black screen wen its loeading up to get in or wen i click on the app i got to some times cut my ps3 off and back on how can i fix it i reely need my anime plz help me

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