Jul 24 2012
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Corsair 64gb USB 3.0 Choppy AVCHD playback

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So I've been putting my AVCHD's on my little 8gb  5 dollar USB 2.0 flash drive and playing them without any problems. I needed a bigger drive for some of my larger videos so I bought a Corsair 64gb USB 3.0 flash drive. Now with the same files that ran PERFECT on my 8gb USB 2.0 drive, they  will play for a couple seconds and then sound cuts out and video is choppy like it's a slide show. I thought it might be the cluster size because it's default cluster size is 32512 or something like that so I backed it down to good old 4096 (which is the same cluster size as my cheap 8gb USB 2.0 drive). I know that should be slower but I thought I'd try it anyway and the results are the same. My 64gb drive is a high quality drive and I'm baffled as to what to try next... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated (other than buying another device that is). Smiley Happy

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