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Dec 04 2012
By: Gibby4miCarly First Son 1 posts

Corrupted Data loop Please Help

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Im sorry if this problem has already been discused and fixed but i have searched alot of of forums and ive even talked and chatted with customer support to help me fix this but it always turns out the same.

a month or two ago my ps3 was working completely fine, no problems, never frooze and ive never dropped it nor opened it up and i always clean it. One day i was asked to give it a system update, a week later my ps3 starts running a little bit slow, another week passed and got slower and then slower up until the point where it would freeze and i would have to force shut it down. After shutting it down forcefully it would fix the corrupted data and i would be able to play for a day, then the freezing happened. evenetually it got to this point:

When i turn my ps3 on it will ask to fix corrupted data, when i proceed with it, itll load to about 40% freeze. i would have to wait hours and it would stay the same, ide turn it off forcefully and back up again to the same corrupt data screen, sometimes it would load and then when it finsihed reaching 100%, my screen would go dark and then the EXACT same thing happens, itll ask to fix the corrupted data.

Im stuck in a loop.

I have done a system restore of the ps3(option 5 in the safe mode screen) and it would work for maybe a couple days until the same problem occured.

I have done that 3 times, to where it would erase everything and i would have to start from new. After a couple of days it will just freeze randomly, leaving me the only option of turning it off and then on.....And the same corrupted data loop.

Please if anyone knows what i can do leave a responce i beg of you, this is truely unfair in my opinion. I shouldnt have to buy a new ps3 or new harddrive because the software is messed up(just assuming)

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Re: Corrupted Data loop Please Help

Dec 5, 2012

Most likely your PS3 hard drive has failed, or is about to fail completely.  You need to replace it.  You can buy another one and install it yourself. It doesn't even void the warranty.

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