Mar 05 2010
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Come on Sony, time to allow sub account to upgrade to a Master Account.....

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I'm 18 now and I can't do things I should be able to do. I have had this account for 2+ years and Im not losing all my stats, trophies and downloaded content. Add on content for games that I have are linked to that account and Im not wasting more money for stuff I have already payed just because I had to create another account. It is time to allow them to upgrade because its the fair thing to do. The people that didn't lie about their age should be able to upgrade when they turn 18...end of story. There are a lot of people having this issue. I would like to link my facebook, get on home, add money, and do other things a master account can only do. Have the master account be able to make the sub account upgrade only if the person is 18+. That's the way it could be done.
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