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Mar 01 2013
By: JCMC9691 First Son 1 posts

Charged twice for something

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I bought the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC for 50% off ($2.50), i found out that i was charged 5 dollars and an extra 2.50 was added to my funds despite having the DLC

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Re: Charged twice for something

Mar 2, 2013

The minimum amount of money that can be added to the PSN wallet from a credit card is $5.  The Playstation Store doesn't charge anything directly to a credit card.  Money is transferred from the credit card to the PSN wallet, and then debited from the wallet when you purchase something.  The Playstation Store always worked that way.  You can't charge something that costs $2.50 to a credit card and have the exact amount deducted. 

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