Jan 03 2013
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Can't Checkout At the Store

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Yep, this glorious improvement is still broken, and its costing Sony money this time. Trying to buy DLC for RAGE and Sleeping Dogs but when I get to the cart to checkout I get an error. That's all it says too, I get as far as the "Confirm Purchase" button and I get the messge "An Error has occurred."


I've tried adding funds through that button first but then my PS3 freezes up.


Seriously its like every other day I have a problem on the store and it really makes me dread when new DLC comes out for my favorite games. The happiest times I have are when I can buy DLC through the game's in-game store as that redirects to the OLD Playstation store when things worked.


As a graphic designer I love the new look and I figured it out quickly...however if it doesn't work or takes too long to load up, form doesn't matter over function.


Anyway, my point, does anyone know a way around the error I'm getting so I can buy my DLC?

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Re: Can't Checkout At the Store

Jan 3, 2013

You need to report it either by phone (800-345-SONY) or e-mail (http://support.us.playstation.com/app/ask).  The Playstation Store staff doesn't have a way to test every entry in the Playstation Store.  They can't fix it, if they don't know it is broken.  No one on the store staff reads this forum regularly, but they do read the comments in the Playstation Store blog (http://blog.us.playstation.com/tag/playstation-store/).

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Re: Can't Checkout At the Store

Jan 14, 2013

I'm having the same issue, i reported it to sony the other day and tried a few things they suggested and still doesnt work. I am on the phone with them now, if they tell me how to fix it and it works I will post it.


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