Dec 23 2012
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BD remote & Controllers (Dualshock3) not functioning when in games or Store

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I figured I would post this again as I can't be the only person that has seen this before.  Most people that post about controllers here that I have read are having issues with it not working at all when it isn't plugged in; not the case with mine.


After having my PS3 in storage for 20 months, my system BD remote and both DualShock controllers are not working once a game starts or when in the Storefront, only a couple of buttons after the game starts work. 


What does work:

I can use the BD remote & Dualshock controllers without issue (both the joy sticks and buttons) within the PS3 menus.  Navigating within the PS3 system using the buttons and joy sticks are working fine. 


What does not work:

If I put in a game, the game loads up, I can then select the options, select a player, etc, however once the game starts, only a couple of buttons work and the joysticks do not.  In the game loading menu; all worked fine; once the game starts, the remote only works abotu a 1/3 of the way   With the PS3 Storefront, the PS3 menu lets me load it, but once in it, no button but the PS button works; and that only asks if I want to exit, renumber the controller, etc.  So I am stuck, there is no change to the exhibited behavior when the controller is wired or unwired. 


One other note worth mentioning; the system was off for 20 months without power stored away in a box.  When I powered it back up for the first time yesterday, PS made me upgrade to v4.31.  Thinking there are several missed versions and a large delta from what the version was to what it is now as PS used to have me upgrade all the time.  This is the only thing I can think of to what is causing the problem.  I am logged into my same PS account and the PS3 w/ controllers and remote were all bought new just months before I stored them away and took off to Europe.  Now that I am back in the States, I want my PS3 working man!!! 


A reset to default settings didn't fix the issue

I reactivated numerous times as well.  It is almost like the system is partially locked which is lame.  I have left it on for hours at a time with the controllers plugged in, hoping that some Playstation fairy will sprinkle some dust over the top of it to get it to work, or just flip a switch due to it sitting dormant for so long...


Any ideas besides telling me to take it into a shop? 

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trRe: BD remote & Controllers (Dualshock3) not functioning when in games or Store

Dec 24, 2012

try to backup your gamesaves and try a factory restore option like telling the system to go baxk when you first bought it and try again if this doesnt correct it then there could be a different issue like corrupted software or bad bluetooth board

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