Jul 26 2009
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100 Ways To Improve The Crappy Operating System and Improve PlayStation Network.

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1. Voice Messaging

Text messaging is so barbaric and time consuming. 


2. Party System

Keep you connected with friends


3. Cross Game Inviting

Better than in-game inviting that not all developers implement properly


4. In-game private voice Chat

Same as number2, keep you connected with friends


5. Allow multiple player profile sign in through XMB.

So when you play a game you don’t all use the same SAVE FILE


6. Let you change your profile (save file) in-game

So you don’t have to fully exit the game to change your profile


7. Faster XMB loading

It’s a times slow and spins around for longer than it should this includes in-game XMB too


8. Auto trophy syncing

It’s annoying having to wait for them to sync


9. Better PSN profiles

They are ugly and don’t have enough information


10. Fix the keypad lag

It lags too much


11. Automatically delete friend request messages

I don't see why it stays there.


12. Add to album option

Instead of pushing Triangle and modifying the properties(by typing the album name...) of the files to add it to an album how about an add to album option


13. Custom album pictures

The grey folders are ugly especially grey folders with pictures in the middle. Using custom themes folders isn't as fun as being able to customize each folder picture.


14. Automatically Organizes games by demos, PSN, PS3, Qore, PS1, etc. When you choose sort by Format

It’s not very pretty if you got a bunch of demos and PSN games mixed together in one big list and the folder organizing thing is tedious and if you go sort by FORMAT it puts everything except PS1 games in a folder called PlayStation 3. If you sort by album you got manually input the album name for each file.


15. Access to subfolders on external devices and memory cards

You did it with the PSP now do it with the PS3


16. Don’t force users to organize files in memory card/ storage devices by Music, Video, Pictures folders

You should be able to stick files anywhere you want on the memory card and the PS3 should be able to find everything right away instead of forcing it to show all.


 17. When you insert a disc, device or memory card you should be prompted with a message asking if you wish to open it

Makes it more user friendly for people who aren’t very tech savvy


18. When you push the PS button while a notification for a new message or invite or anything it should make it automatically popup

It eliminates so much unnecessary work


19. Add optional sound for messages and requests, download finishes

You don’t always notice you got a new message


20. Battery Charge Notification when you hit the PS button shouldn’t cover up the time

It’s annoying


21. Move notifications to the lower center of the screen so they are more noticeable.

Plus everything else is already in the top right so you might as well move that


22. Universal memory manager

Instead of going to each category how about a memory manager that lists all the sections and how much each section takes up and then go into that section through the memory manager and delete the resources that take up too much space


23. Add User passwords

People want to protect their accounts


24. Be able to save connections in network settings like how the PSP does it.

Pain in the ass to do things over and over again


25. Put game installs, game saves and PS2 memory unit stuff in Universal Memory Manager mentioned earlier

It’s not situated at the best spot; people should go there to access their games not to manage their games.


26.Game save files for the same game should work with the retail version and the digital version.

 Burnout for example, when you get the digital version and use a retail version(or vice versa) it won't let you use the same save file.


27. In-game music for all games

Add a music player that overlaps the game music, then people can manually turn down the game music if the developer didn't do a good job supporting it.


28. Better external music player (Ipods, Zunes, etc.) support

Like your ipod, mp3 player or any computer music player it sorts out songs by albums, artists, year etc. When you plug it in to your PS3. By looking at the file properties. It should also support more different kinds of music players. IPod touch aren’t even recongnized.


29. MKV codec support

It’s a very popular codec that’s high demand and high in use now.


30. FLAC support

For the audiophiles


31. Media Server Music streaming in-game

Hard drive space is tight for some people and prefer to have it on their PC. It can be done flawlessly on the Xbox360.


32. Improve media streaming Spee

It’s laggy at time.


33. Improve Overall Visuals

A lot of things are fairly gray.


34. Settings should be organized more

Improve the overall organization.


35. Allow download of multiple things at once,add time left for background downloading.

I want things to all download at once so I can estimate how long they are all going to take and can potentially be faster. When you download something and set it to download in background it no longers says how long it takes to finish.


36. Add backwards compatibility for PS2 games.

That way you can sell PS2 classics in the store and make a **bleep**load of more money


37. Add PSP emulator

People don’t want to play portable games on a small screen when they are at home it also increases your install base. PSP can be used when you want to play games outside PS3 when you are at home. Most PSP software sales, more incentive to buy PS3 systems.


38. PlayStation One emulation at a higher native resolution than320x240

My super old PC can play  PS1 games at a higher resolution...


39. Keep USB ports hot while system is in standby

So you can charge your dual shock without having to leave on your ps3.


40. Be able to check other user’s friend list

So you can find friends and see other user profiles


41. Report system

Report racist, offensive things


42. Player rating system

Add to profiles


43. Add friend news feed like PlayStation Cloud rumour and like how STEAM has theirs.

If you look at all the reception from the rumour everyone loved the idea. It also gives more incentive for trophy collecting, keeps you and your friends connected and makes PSN more social. Look at Facebook and Twitter


44. Give ranks for when people reach certain trophy levels

More incentive to level up with trophies


45. On the friends list add mini trophy pictures and or the number of trophies they got and their level

Either this or the news feed


46. It should tell you when you level up and a moving experience bar showing your progression

I sort of don’t see why it doesn’t. It's like Final Fantasy or any other RPG not telling you when you level up. You would have to check your stats (profile) each time to see if you passed a level. Which is stupid.


47. Improve trophy comparing speed.

It's pretty slow now it can take up to30 seconds.


48. Fix the glitch for some games where when you play a demo it lists your 0% trophies

A lot of people are **bleep**ing about this.


49. Ability to appear offline for your friends list

People sometimes want to hide from people


50. Ability to sort your friends in groups (ie. Sort by people from school or people you met online)

Helps remember how you know some people because you aren’t using first names and last names


51. Extend friend list number from 100 to something much higher.

A lot of people are reaching their limits


52. Stop censoring private text chat

It’s private chat...


53. Integrate HOME with profiles

Home is like a whole other thing right now...


54. Make it so the what your friends is doing thing can show more info and so if you are playing a PS2 game or watching a movie it will say

It’s usually blank, and people want to know what their friends are doing look at twitter and facebook


55. Pop-up that tells you when your friend is playing the same game as you

So you know and you can play with them


56. Add ability to use button combinations to input passwords instead of typing.

Typing is a pain in the ass with the PS3. On the Xbox360 they give you a4 button combination when you are login into your LIVE account at someone's house.


57. Messages should be stored on PlayStation Network not on our hard drives

So you can access messages from any PS3 or PC


58. Be able to access and send messages through

So you can talk to your PSN friends from other platforms


59. User search option, and you should be able to view their PSN profile

Helps find your friend, and gives more purpose to the languages and about me sections of your profiles


60. Allow developers to integrate PSN profiles into their games

So your friends aren’t the only ones who can see your PlayStation Network profiles and so people you met online can be invited into your chat


61. Add video, music and photo sharing

Xbox Live is adding it, it was promised for HOME, but not everyone wants to log in home to do this


62. Ability to change PSN ID

You can do it with Xbox Live, and a lot of people want theirs changed


63. Ability to see soft coded subtitles in videos

Unless it's hardcoded into the picture you can't see subtitles even if you turn them on in the Video options(triangle).


64. Time stamp for private text messaging

It could be useful.


65. Message flood protection

If you got a keypad you can easily spam someone


66. Players you’ve met should have sorting options for by last met and by games

More ways of organizing pleases more people


67. Add more PlayStation Network avatars

There’s a very small selection


68. Ability to create custom avatars using PlayStation Eye

It’d done on live so it should be done here too


69. Make user icon the same as PSN avatar same with username

I don’t see why you need two different icons and names.


70. Add a section called applications, put PlayStation Life, web browser and other things there.

It’d be much better that way


71. Better Web Browser

Could be faster and more user friendly


72. Create a PlayStation Blog and PlayStation Forums application (like store)

Browser sort of sucks for browsing sites. These two can go under PlayStaition Network. This way there's more than two things and you won't have to login into PSN twice.


73. Add Netflix, Hulu, Skype and other services

Because your competitors have them and it makes the system a better media player

74. PDF support

A lot of online game guides are PDF


75. Put somewhere on the XMB your number of messages

User friendliness again, it’s so people know when they sign on or if they missed it because of the lack of sound they can see the number of messages and see that they got a new one like how every email site has a inbox with a mail symbol and number of messages


76. Number somewhere on the XMB that says how many friends you have online

People like to be informed of this


77. Place avatar and username somewhere on XMB so you know which account you are on

It’s good to know, you could be working on your siblings COD stats without you even noticing


78. Put somewhere on the XMB that you are signed into PSN and connected to the internet

So that you know, otherwise only way you can notice is if you notice you got no friends showing up and it says sign in under PlayStation Network


79. Get rid of content installs and other installs for downloadable content

It’s annoying, and if tweakable should be changed.


80. Tweak the architecture so updates can be smaller and do its job faster

Takes half an hour to hours to do updates because of 130MB in size updates when on XBOX360 their updates are below 25MB


81. Access to XMB in PlayStation Store

I don’t see why not, it will become more important when you have parties and voice chat.


82. In-game XMB for PS2 games and for disc movies

So you can still communicate with friends


83. Remove unusable icons in in-game XMB except for game related things

Too much useless things, waste of ressources should be dedicated to things like friends list.


84. Allow people to watch DVD/Blu-ray during remote play

I don’t see why we can’t other than Blu-ray movies but you can just downscale those


85. XMB controller shortcuts(For Example : R2 for FRIENDS, L2 for USERS, L1 for music, R1 for games)

For quicker navigation. You can also go like R3 for play/pause.


86. Allow multiple Headsets(for each player)

So not just first player can use a headset


87. Reduce OS footprint

Browser runs out of RAM, and this helps give developers more RAM to use for games


88. Fix up scaling problems

Still messed up even after 1.80


89. More Video effects in video chat

People want them, and it adds more fun


90. More music visualizations

There aren’t many right now


91. Get rid of PSN funds interval deposits

People without credits cards, who use pre paid master cards, prefer to be able to add custom amounts


92. The ability to buy PSN items for friends as gifts

Like on STEAM


93. Improve the DRM

People are game sharing, and you can only download movies once


94. Offer digital distribution of PS3 games

Compress the games that are too big, and just give users larger install times since the PS3 has such great hardware. Crysis and other games are over 20GB on STEAM however you never download that much


95. Encourage developers to keep their demos small, to make demos for all their PSN games and to add the unlock full game option within games.  Also have images/trailers streams to preview games.

Demos tend to be larger on PSN compared to Xbox Live. People don't want to download a game twice and people want to try out things before they buy it.


96. Add a Music Store to PSN

There’s already a video store now add a music one, your sister company is a music company!


97. Ability to take a screenshot in any game

It should be double tap of the PSN button if possible


98. PlayStation Video Store should be availible to more regions.

Currently only availible in the United States compared to Xbox Live where it's 18 countries.


99. There should be game profiles with info for each game

It’s good for when your friend is playing a game you can go to Learn More and it will bring you to the information page instead of that search option you added. Helps advertises games. Basically use all the game profiles that are on and intergrate it into the system.


100. Add interface controls using voice and hand motions(PlayStation Eye) for gimmick purposes and to be competitive

It's gimmicky and sort of makes it eassier for casual players.



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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009
Oh my lord. How much time did you waste on this?
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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009
totally agree
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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009
Knowing sony, their probably only going to do like 4 things on that list...

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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009
It would be awesome if Sony gave us all those features.
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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009

 I saw at least five of those listed that have already been implemented.


 I really want this one:

 24.   Ability to create custom avatars using PlayStation Eye

It’d done on live so it should be done here too





funny gifs
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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009

oh lord.. this is a must read.. but at 1:40 in the morning.. i think not.. tomorrow i shal read this list of amazingness!!


thanks for taking your time on it

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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 80Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009

I don't really need backwards compatibility or more than 100 friends.


I mean, come on, if you have 80 friends (let alone 250!), are you able to recognize each one of them?

It doesn't feel really cohesive with so many of 'em. I prefer twenty quality players on my friends list over 80.

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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009

It lists about all the things I've been wanting. Just add in-game web browsing...


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Re: Eric Lempel's to do list - 100 Improvements/Additions

Jun 26, 2009
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