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Jul 02 2010
By: shakedown1986 I Only Post Everything 563 posts

100+ Ideas! - Improving Our PlayStation 3 Experience

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All mock-ups are just to show ideas and concepts, I am not in any way saying these are how the features should look they are just to show the concept of the features. THE POST IS ABOUT THE IDEAS NOT THE PICTURES.


1. Improved Communication

1.1 - Store Messages Online

Store PlayStation Network messages online, text message take little to no space, PlayStation Network already stores text messages( Forums PM System), but not for PlayStation 3 users. This benefits multiple system owners, people with accounts at other peoples houses and allows PlayStation Network communication integration with Messages can expire in a month to save space.


1.2 - Universal-Private-Voice-Chat

Also known as Cross-Game-Chat. This is a feature that allows you to privately talk to your friends playing the same game or across different games or during any other system operations. This allows for you to stay connected with your friends constantly. It also keeps your chatting private instead of being in an open channel that's in-game only.



1.3 - Voice Messaging

Record and send small sized voice messages instead of text messages. More efficient and faster than text messages. These messages should expire in a week or two off PlayStation Network servers.


1.4 - Emoticons Enabled In-Game

Not exactly, communication but the emotions should work in-game.


1.5 - Remove Censorship For Text Chat Rooms

It’s not necessary for private text chat.


1.6 - Support Multiple Headsets

Applies to only a few games currently but should be availible for future titles.


1.7 - Remove Subject

From experience, people just use the topic titles to do the communication most of the time instead of the body. Plus communication is always short and sweet, so might as well show most of the message when it displays the list of messages instead of displaying the subject titles with all the "Re:" and stuff.


1.8 - Useless Message Removal

After you accept someone's friend request, it should remove the request message because it becomes useless. Also game invites sometimes stay there and should expire or be removed when they are used or have not been used for a very long time.


1.9 - Official PlayStation Messages

SCE should develop a system that allows them to send users messages that have a distinct look to show they are legit to inform us of maintenance, updates and problems. This help informs users who do not check the internet for PlayStation News and it will help prevent people from phishing by pretending they are from PlayStation when everyone knows the official PlayStation messages have a distinct look.



2. File Management

2.1 - Improved Album(Folder) Organization

Currently, to sort files it requires 3 steps: First select the file by pushing “Triangle”, secondly you select “Information” and finally you must type in the cAsE-SeNSiTiVe album (folder) name. You must do this for EACH file therefore making the process extremely inefficient and very slow. There needs to be improved options to sort Games, Videos, Music , etc. into albums(folders).


2.2 - Improved Games Format Organization

Instead of classifying PlayStation Network, PlayStation 3 and all demos as all "PlayStation 3", they should all get their own section. It makes sorting games by "Format" useless if just sticks evreything thats not PlayStation 1 games into PlayStation 1 folder and the rest in PlayStation 3. When sorting games by "Format", there should be "PlayStation 1", "PlayStation 3", "PlayStation Network" folders and within "PlayStation 3" and PlayStation Network should be a sub-folder called "Demos". Nobody wants a big list of games to browse through. Doing it this way helps efficiently organize your games list. QORE should also not be classified under "PlayStation 3"


2.3 - QORE Relocation

It doesen't make sense for it to be under Games. Seeing as it's mostly videos and sometimes audio and images so the best plan is for suscribers is to either give it a dedicated section on the XMB or dedicated section under Games instead of a list of Qore episodes mixed in with games.


2.4 - Fully Customizable Album(Folder) Icon

Change the icon that repsents an Album(Folder) into any picture you want.


2.5 - Universial Memory Manager

To manage space and files on the PlayStation 3 system the process is very long and inefficient. You currently need to check each file individually for its file size and there is little information on which sections of your PlayStation 3 is taking up all the space.



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2.6 - Games and Game Related Services/Titles Only In Games Section

Remove all memory and data items from the Games section and only list the games within whatever folders. Trophy collection can go under here on top but the memory and data related stuff can be moved to the "Universal Memory Manager" mentioned above.



3. PlayStation Controller Input

3.1 - Event Sensitive PlayStation Button

When a notification appears for any reason, by pushing the PlayStation button you should automatically be brought to the appropriate location. For example, if you got a new message and the notification was still active on the top, when pressing the PlayStation button you should be automatically be brought to that message.




3.2 - Controller Button Shortcuts

To access certain areas faster, there should be button combinations to do things quickly. For example, R3+L3 = Delete.


3.3 - Control XMB and Media Playback with PlayStation Eye

To be competiive and add a novelty factor to help sell PlayStation 3 systems, implement a voice command system from your sister company Sony Ericson and set the system to recgonize certain arm gestures with the PlayStation Eye to control media playback and the XMB.



4. Improved Media Support

4.1 - Improved External Media Integration

The system should search the whole device for the appropriate files and display the appropriate files and folders instead of forcing users to use the strict folder structure and not supporting sub-folders. The only work around currently is forcing the PlayStation 3 to display all by selecting “Display All”.


4.2 - FLAC Support

FLAC files are very popular among audiophiles and Sony wishes to be an HD system then what about HD audio?


4.3 - MKV Support

MKV is one of the most popular used video containers on the internet. It will make a lot of people happy and will extend the multimedia capabilities of the PlayStation 3.


4.4 - PDF Support

Many video game guides from the internet  come in this format and it will be a nice feature for gamers. It will also benefit people who want to read their e-books on their big screen while relaxing on their couch.


4.5 - View Soft-Coded Subtitles in Videos

Soft-coded subtitles do not work for videos on the PlayStation 3. This prevents people from watching certain videos because they can’t understand it without the subtltes.


4.6 - DLNA Music Streaming In-Game

Competitor’s support this and not everyone has their music stored on their PS3 hard drive or on a personal media device and would prefer to stream it from their home computer.


5. Improve Download Management

5.1 - Time Left

This information is only available if you don’t do background downloading.


5.2 - Auto-Install

This feature is only available if you don’t do background downloading.


5.3 - Shutdown After Download

This feature is only available if you don’t do background downloading.


5.4 - Background-Install

People do not want to watch their games install, they want it to be done in the background. Compeitor service doesen't even require installs for demos, games and movies.



6. Improved Social Networking Features

6.1 - Party Media Stream

Either photo sharing, sharing the media purcahsed on the PlayStation Store, Hulu or Netflix media you should be able to stream the video in-sync with your friends(As long as each user is suscribed to the respective service and owns the video being shared, photos would not require everyone to own the files). While you do this you should be able to talk to your friends in voice chat. This adds a social aspect to watching videos. This feature is availible on the compeitor's system for Netflix and possibly for Hulu in the future.


6.2 - View Friend’s Friends

Not extremely important but it helps finds friends on PlayStation Network because you won’t have to memorize PlayStation Network ID’s and you can see who your friends are friends with and see if you know that person by check the profiles. This is something almost every social service has including gaming services like Xbox Live and STEAM.


6.3 - Improve PlayStation Network Profiles

The profiles are ugly and do not have enough information and options.



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6.4 - More On What Friends Are Doing

Right now it only says what you are doing if you are playing a PlayStation 3 game, in PlayStation Home or in Life With PlayStation. It should also say when you are watching a video, browsing the web, playing PlayStation 1 or 2 titles(game title isn't neccessary), and viewing PlayStation Store that you are doing those things so people know not to bug you and because knowing what your friends are doing is part of connecting people together and makes PlayStation Network more social.


6.5 - Group Friends

You should be able to group friends into certain groups that you can enter and leave intuitively. This will help users with large friends list organize their friends. For example, a user can organize all his school friends in one group and all his work friends in another.


6.6 - Appear Offline

People want the ability to appear offline so that they can still enjoy the features of PlayStation Network but appear offline on their friends list so unwanted users do not communicate with them and so they can communicate with selective users.


6.7 - Friends Feed

To further connect players, there should be a friends feed that tells users what’s happening with friends. When a friend unlocks a new level or a friend has changed his username, or he just got platinum in a new game it’s nice to be able to share that information. It also helps people become competitive because it shows people that they are beating you in trophies.



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6.8 - Player Report System

There’s a lot of spam that has happening on PlayStation Network lately, there are people who abuse the service and who cheat at games. In order to help you guys stop the shenanigans we must have an easy option to report players.


6.9 - Player Reputation System

Another thing that can be added to the PlayStation Network profiles. This motivates people to not be so rude and disrespectful online if they are being graded. In order for this feature not to be abused, friends cannot rep players and you must have played a game with someone within the last 24 hours.



7. Improve Trophy System

7.1 - Auto-Syncing Trophies

Trophies should automatically sync when you receive them instead of waiting a minute or more every time you get a new trophy afterwards. The competitor systems sync automatically this information.


7.2 - Rank System

Once you reach certain levels you should receive special ranks or special changes in your profile, special title, or special changes in trophy card. Something to moivate you to reach certain levels. For example, you start off as a "Newbie" then when you get to level 50 you become a "Pro Gamer". Each level rank should give the user a distinct look to dintingush that they are a certain rank.


7.3 - Home Integration

Trophies should be integrated into HOME somehow.

7.4 - Faster Trophy Comparing

Trophy comparing takes a very long time to load and improvement need to made to make the process faster.


7.5 - Trophy Leaderboards

Trophy leaderboards that compare between friends, locally, nationally and globally trophy levels. This motivates people to unlock trophies and makes PlayStation Network feel more alive and connected.



8. Improved Notifications System

8.1 - Optional Sound Notifications

The word notification and alert are almost interchangeable because the idea of the notification is to let you know that something happened and not always will you notice that little pop-up on the top right corner therefore an option to turn on a sound to play whenever a notification pops up should be implemented. Competitor console does this, most computer software programs with notifications do this and so should SCE.


8.2 - Friend Playing Same Game

You should get a notification when a friend starts playing the same game as you, so you can ask them to join your game or ask them if they want to play with you. Information is power. This option could be optional.


8.3 - Trophy Level Up

You never know when you level up unless you manually check. You should get a notification that tells you when you level up.


8.4 - New Media Detected Prompt

This is a feature that may seem useless to most of you but put your self in your parents shoes or someone else who isn't very tech-savvy. This feature will automatically ask you when you insert a disc or device, what you want to do. It will give you a list of options like "Play Disc", "BD-LIVE", etc. if you were to insert in a blu-ray disc for example. Also think about it this way for years people have been use to sticking in a tape or disc, for it to just turn on. With this whether you plug in a camera, iPod, video disc, USB mass storage device or memory card it will offer options so that non tech-savvy users can eassier do things with the PlayStation 3. Auto-Play does work but not always will the user want to auto-play whatever media they just inserted into the PlayStation 3 system.





9. Improve Remote Play

9.1 - DVD/Blu-Ray Playback

The PlayStation 3 does all the processing anyways and you can watch HD videos that aren’t on discs just fine but why not the ones on discs?



10. Improve PlayStation Store

10.1 - Gifting PlayStation Network Games

This encourages people to buy games more if they can use PlayStation Network to gift games.


10.2 - Wish List

Where you can add what games you want on the store or any games availible on the PlayStation 3 so people know what to gift you digitally with the gifting option that you will later implement or gift in real life. This is something that can be added to the PlayStation Network profile.


10.3 - Improve PlayStation Network DRM

People are downloading games off each other’s accounts and the video store DRM is ridiculous and silly to only allow one download for each movie or TV show.


10.4 - Friends List Access

Not extremely important but when I'm browsing the store sometimes, I want to still be able to communicate with my friends via the XMB or possibly a new interface for the PlayStation Store, Home and in-game.


10.5 - PlayStation 2 Classics

People want to play PlayStation 2 games on their PlayStation 3.


10.6 - More PlayStation 3 Games-On-Demand

Purchase PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation Store. It doesn't matter if some games take a large percentage of the blu-ray disk, most of the games only use a lot of the space to reduce loading times and if the size is still too large after harddrive optimizations, then just don't release that group of game for Games-On-Demand but still release the others. People love digital distrubution.


10.7 - Music Store

Add a music store, make the same music store availible to all other Sony devices aswell. Including Sony mobile phones, Sony Walkman devices etc. Just make sure you develop a better DRM system first.


10.8 - More PSN Demos

Make it cheaper for developer to host their free demos on your service instead of charging them as much as you do right now. People are skeptical about buying PlayStation Network titles and if you don't let them try it before they buy it, they won't buy it.


10.9 - More Preview Media For Titles

There needs to be more media like pictures and videos on products to help users justify their buy.


10.10 - Offer Music Visulizations

Offer music visulizations either for free or for sale on the PlayStation Store. People want new visulizations and some people would be willing to play. They can be either abstract, game related, anything.



11. In-Game Interface

11.1 - New, More Efficient And Faster In-Game Interface

The XMB is a great interface for the main interface however for an in-game interface it’s not efficient and good enough. The XMB won an award for being the "Best NEW Interface To Display PERSONAL MEDIA". That’s great but in-game we aren’t displaying media we’re using social features and that’s the interface that we need one that is designed to keep us social. In addition to that the interface is also extremely gray and ugly. It needs a newer one with more color.



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12. Improve User Options (Including PSN)

12.1 - User Profile Icon = PSN Avatar, User Profile = PSN Username

It’s useless to have more than one Icon/Avatar, you currently have two one for your user profile account and one for your PlayStation Network account, once you login into a PlayStation Network account on a user profile than the PSN account ties in with the account on your system. So you can’t sign on any other PlayStation Network accounts using that user profile. So when that happens the user icon should become the PlayStation Network avatar instead of being a secondary icon that you don’t use for anything.



12.2 - Multi User/PlayStation Network Login

Each controller should be able to login into their own user profile/PlayStation Network account and check their own friends list and talk to their own friends. This will also help developers focus on allowing players to use more than one save file and allows for both players to unlock trophies for multiplayer games.


12.3 - Ability To Change PlayStation Network ID

People want to be able to change their PlayStation Network ID, you could charge for this feature and make money.


12.4 - Password Protect Accounts

Protect people from using your user account either by using a character of strings as a password or button combination.



13. PlayStation 3 Applications

13.1 - Create Dedicated Section For PlayStation 3 Applications To Replace Network Section

Create a section that will replace the "Network" section of the PlayStation 3. Having "Network" and "PlayStation Network" will confuse some users and it's pretty useless to have it there. Applications like the web browser should be relocated to the new "Applications" section. Life with PlayStation should also be moved there. Remote-Play should also be located under applications because it's an application that lets the PlayStation Portable remotely control it and has nothing to do with PlayStation Network.


13.1 - Life With PlayStation Separation

The weather and news channels should have it's own dedicated applications so people actually know about those features and use them. So there should be "Weather", "News" and "Folding@Home" instead of just "Life With PlayStation" where nobody knows what it really does.



14. Improve Save File Management

14.1 - Improve Save/Load Save Visuals

The Load/Save save menu that has been implemented in every game looks pretty ugly and uncolorful. The progress bar is also ugly. There should be a more visually appealing Save/Load save system.


14.2 - Cloud Service to Store Game Saves

Ever since the introduction of trophies,currently the only method to backup game saves is to backup the whole storage drive and if you want to play a game on multiple PlayStation 3 systems it doesen't work nicely or back-up specific saves.


14.3 - Develop Cheat Protection System To Allow USB Back-Up

Compeitor system has developed an anti-cheat system that allows for save back-ups on USB devices, now it's your turn. People want to be able to easily move around their saves.



15. More 3rd Party Service Integration

15.1 - Pandora

Biggest internet radio


15.2 - Google TV

Hop on the internet and TV's next big thing.


15.3 - Skype

You supported it on the PlayStation Portable, what about on the PlayStation 3 where you can use your PlayStation Eye for video chat and big screen TV for video chat?


15.4 - Last.FM

Fact, people love music, people love Last.FM, why you don't try and get on the PS3 is the only unknow fact here.


15.5 - YouTube

Biggest video streaming service in the world and integarting this service will make the PlayStation 3 the best place to be for internet entertaiment.


15.6 - Twitter

Basketball players, celebrities, teenagers, everybodty tweets. Twitter integration would be wise.


15.7 - Better Facebook Integration

How about access to the real deal? Sure we got a browser but it's honest not that good.


15.8 - NBA TV

Another popular sport in the United States, aka your biggest market. This is the sport where all the big game companies advertise their games such as Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops and Final Fantasy 13. The reason they do that is because many NBA fans are gamers. You need reasons to get those gamers on the PS3.



16. Improve Web Browser

16.1 - PlayStation Move Support

What about some precision cursor controlling with the brand new PlayStation Move?


16.2 - Update Adobe Flash

Sure there has been a lot of talk about replacing Flash, but the time isn't here yet and a good percentage of the internet uses Flash. To properly those sites we need the latest version of Flash.


16.3 - HTML5

You best get yourself ready with what's going to be replacing Adobe's Flash and what will be revolutioninzing the internet.


16.4 - CSS3

You best get yourself ready with what's going to be replacing Adobe's Flash and what will be revolutioninzing the internet.


16.5 - Improve Overall Speed and Efficieny

The browser doesn't always work as efficient as possible and needs some improvement.



17. PlayStation Home

17.1 - Faster Loading Times

The service spends a little too much time loading for an application that's already on your harddrive.


17.2 - Video and Music Sharing

Watch movies and music stored on your harddrive with friends.


17.3 - Return Voice Chat To PlayStation Home

Text chat is tedious and barbaric and voice chat is needed to efficiently talk to people.


17.4 - Portrait Mode - PSN Avatar

A mode that allows you to take pictures of your PlayStation Home character to use as your PlayStation Network avatar.



18. Themes & Customization

18.1 - Custom Dynamic Themes

PlayStation 3 should support the option for the creative people of the internet to create custom dynamic PlayStation 3 themes.


18.2 - Custom Theme - Font Control

Not even the companies that create official themes on the PlayStation Store have the ability to change the font type, face or color. Allowing this will extend the flexibility of themes by allowing more light colored themes and more options for artist to express themselves.



19. XMB Ticker

19.1 - Improve Visuals

People have not been happy on how it looks. There are threads about people using tricks to get rid of it. It's useful but ugly.


19.2 - Number of New Messages

Number of new messages should be beside the mail symbol isntead of just the mail symbol's visibility being toggled on or off. In addition, the mail icon should be different when there is actually mail. This is how message systems have been doing it for years because this is what works best for the user.



20. Games Compatibility

20.1 - PlayStation Portable Titles Compatibility

You "lose" potential money from hardware sales but you potentially double your PlayStation Portable install base meaning more people have access to the platform to play the games availible. You already offer PlayStation Minis, what about PlayStation Portable too? People don't want to play PlayStation Portable games on a small screen while at home.


20.2 - PlayStation 2 Backwards Compatibility

People want to play old PlayStation 2 games and ever since you removed the feature new PlayStaiton 3 owners have been disappointed that their system isn't bakcwards compatiible with old PlayStation 2 titles.



21. Improve Web PlayStation Network Integration

21.1 - Better Account Management Page

The page’s design has not been updated for years and does not match the rest of It also requires that you login for a second time to access.


21.2 - One-Time Login on

Instead of login in multiple times to access different part of, like going from PlayStation Forums to PlayStation Blog. The website should make it so you only login once.



21.3 - Integrate PlayStation Network Messages With PlayStation Forums Messages

The forum messages should be the same as PlayStation Network messages, there’s no need to have two kinds of message systems for the same service. Might as well combine them.


21.4 - Universial Message System That Covers All Parts Of

You should be able to send messages to people on the PlayStation Blog, while on the main page and evreywhere else on the instead of just the forums which should be the same message system as the one you use on your PS3 for PlayStation Network.


21.5 - Universal Friends List and Profiles/Better Overall PlayStation Network Integration

The friends list on the forums should become the same friends list as on PlayStation Network. The PlayStation Forums profiles should become PlayStation Network profiles and whenever you click a username anywhere on including the PlayStation Blog it should link to that univeral PlayStation Network profile.


21.6 - PlayStation 3 Browser Friendly

All parts of which includes PlayStation Forums and PlayStation Blog should have a layout configured to be used when accessed by the PlayStation 3. This will help people use these services more efficiently while on their PlayStation 3.


21.7 - System Integration

Integrate certain parts such as the PlayStation Blog and PlayStation Forums into the operating system so people can learn about PlayStation  news, communicate with the community through the forums and blog.




22.1 - Forced In-Game Custom Soudntracks

Some people want to listen to their own music while they play games and developers aren't supporting that feature. Instead of getting them to support it, you should just let users to play their own music over the game music to overlap it and the user can manually lower down the in-game music from in the game by themselves to hear their own music.


22.2 - Access Friends List & Other Features During PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, DVD, Blu-ray Playback

This may not be possible however if it is it'd be nice to not be separted from your friends while you do these activities.


22.3 - Leave USB Ports Powered While In StandBy Mode

The PlayStation 3 system is on while in StandBy mode, it has power but it's not feeding power to the USB ports, if it's possible to configure the PlayStation 3's BIOS to leave on the USB ports so that users can charge their PlayStation 3 accesories while the system is in StandBy it will help conserve energy(leaving the whole system on to charge) and make it so users don't have to leave on their system because controllers and other devices are hard to use when they are charging.


22.4 - No Installs For Future PlayStation Store Content

Both of PlayStation 3's direct compeitors content doesen't require large install after large downloads. To make the compeitor's advantage become obsolete it's best you find a solution to this annoying process.


22.5 - Fix Updating System

Most firmware updates are extremely large compared to the compeitor update which takes a few minutes even for their biggest updates while PlayStaiton 3 updates can take up to 30 minutes depending on your internet connection. The size of updates are extremely large for very small changes. When installing the progress bar isn't accurate because once you reach around 60% the install just finishes.




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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 19, 2010

You forgot about adding a real web browser to the PS3.

Message 1 of 496 (27,766 Views)
First Son
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13 posts

Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 19, 2010

WOW! thats awesome. The more I look at it the more it reminds me of xbox live. I agree with everything you present but somehow I have a feeling thats just wishful thinking...

Message 2 of 496 (27,766 Views)
Hekseville Citizen
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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 19, 2010

Instant Approval!

as for the "User Profile Icon = PSN Avatar".
Unless I'm reading it wrong but, you can change avatar for different Profiles
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Gaming Beast
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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 20, 2010

How about removing the maximum number of friends? I should be able to have as many friends as I want. I hate having to delete people every time that I max out.

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I Only Post Everything
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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 20, 2010


Blackxino wrote:

Instant Approval!

as for the "User Profile Icon = PSN Avatar".
Unless I'm reading it wrong but, you can change avatar for different Profiles

You're misunderstanding. What I'm saying is instead of letting us choose a random picture for our user profile image, if we have a PlayStation Network account added on to the user profile it should just use the PlayStaiton Network avatar instead to represent the account. You can manually do it but having the option to change it is silly and useless anyways.


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I Only Post Everything
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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 20, 2010


jakman360 wrote:

How about removing the maximum number of friends? I should be able to have as many friends as I want. I hate having to delete people every time that I max out.

I believe there's a technical reason for that, because you have to load all your friends everytime you use the in-game XMB and I know that compeitor service wants to do the samething but can't, they didn't say why but it seems reasonable to believe it's a technical isssue. Currently their priority should be using their already limited ressources on investing in better communication features instead increasing the friend cap seeing as most people don't have nearly 100 friends.


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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 20, 2010

Those look great!

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I Only Post Everything
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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 20, 2010


AlnilamE wrote:

Those look great!

The thread is not about the's about the ideas.


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Re: Making PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Network Better

Jun 20, 2010

we seriously need a new XMB look and performance!!!!!

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