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Jan 19 2002
By: ronbrown~old Lombax Warrior 176 posts

matthewg madden

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Greetings matthewg. Another 4 weeks and it is spring training
already. Saw that the Tigers signed Mitch Meluskey to a 1 year deal at $345,000. Granted the guy is no household name and he did miss the 2001 season with injury,but he did hit .300 with 14 HR'S and 70 R.B.I.'s. There are quite a few other guys out there without those numbers that are millionaires. What do you think of the Sheffield deal to Atlanta? I really think he will do well there.
I am starting to play Madden more often. On occasion NHL sucks me back into it's grasp. I like NHL because I actually think I have some control over the players. With football I can control the run, but other than that I hope for the best on passing and defense. I use the 4-3 if I am pretty sure they will run. I do use the nickel and dime defense fairly often. Last night I had 4 interceptions, but I attribute that to hand spasms at the right times! I also am in rookie mode.
Going to watch some of the Bears/Eagles. Of course I am rooting for the bears. I like Mike Reid the coach of the Eagles, but I don't like the team. I am hoping for nasty weather so they can get down and dirty. Also would like to see the Pack knock off the Rams, but that will be quite a task. The Rams are tough.
The Kings are coming up in the world and the Flames are going to the flaming place! What would the Kings be without their Potsdam connection. They have Dave Taylor(GM) who played here at Clarkson, Greg Drexell(comprehensive scout) asst. coach at Clarkson, Billy O'Flaherty (director of player personnel) former coach at Clarkson, and now they just added a guy I know, Brian Putnam as head amateur scout. Clarkson puts out a good hockey product, but it has been ahile since they have made it to the final 4. ECAC needs a longer season. The teams in the midwest have a early jump on the East teams.
Time to go snowshoeing. It is about 40 and sunny. Sun is a rarity here in the winter. We only have about 6 inches of snow,but it is enough to wander through the woods. Usually see some deer along the way. When I lived by Albany I never saw deer. Now I am amazed at how many there are up here. Sadie the Wonder Dog goes with me. She sort of looks at the deer and lets them go on their merry way. Well matthewg, enjoy your weekend and take care. Go Bears!!

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RE: matthewg madden

Jan 26, 2002
Well, hello. Its been a long week. . . but the weekend and the football that comes with it is finally here. I think the Rams will win, but that of all the teams in the playoffs, Philly can give them the best fight. Final score, 21-15. As for AFC, I see two possibilities. . . .
1) The Bus doesn't play and the Pats win in a low-scoring upset.
2) Or, whether the Bus plays or not, Pittsburgh keeps rolling and shows the Pats for the fakers they are.
I am inclined towards the latter. . . 31-17 Pittsburgh. Gotta go with the team that beat the champs.
Sheffield helps the Braves a lot, but they still need a leadoff man(unless Furcal can be the man, but I don't know) and for once their pitching is supect. I think they're the favs now in the East, but they always are and never get anywhere. Saw the Yankees are interested in Cone. . . why not just ask Jimmy Key to come back and finish it off? But seriously, Conie's got same game left. He can be either a fifth starter and win 12 games or be a decent long man. The thing is, if he becomes a starter, that makes Hitch an 8 mil. a year long man. Of course, that assumes Boomer is healthy, but. . . . The Yankees also signed ex-Cub Ron Coomer. . . he'll be a decent back-up if he can stay content being a back-up, but I'm thinking Giambi will edge him out for the first base job.
Madden is kinda irritating. . . I started a franchise mode. . . but even on rookie I can't complete a pass and throw picks so stinking much I just turn it off. I kind of would like a return on my $40, though, so I'll keep plugging away at it.
I took in an Ice Dogs game last week and I got the autographs of LA Kings Defenseman Philippe Boucher and Assistant Coach Mark Hardy. . . not big names, but still pretty cool. After the game, though, the Dogs fired their coach. The Dogs are playing above .500, but have been slipping lately. The GM hired himself as replacement coach, but he had been the coach the past five or so years, so its OK. The Stars finally fired their coach, another Hitch(jeez, we can't use such a common name?). Kinda reminds me of the Colorado situation of a few years ago. They won the cup, then a few years later nobody like the coach and the coach was gone. Weird.
Anyway, that's all I got for now.
Keep safe and warm, and don't buy any Enron stock!

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