Jul 21 2001
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matthewg TP 2000

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That is strange about TP 2000 freezing up when you foul the ball back into the stands. I don't think I ever had a ball go back to the stands while hitting. Down the lines yes, but not back. I have had no freeze ups with TP 2000. Of course I probably just jinxed myself.
My Yankees had the crap kicked out of them in Detroit. Since Comerica park opened the Yanks are only 3-9 against the Tigers there. Tonight we have the Blue Jays with another rookie on the mound,Brett Jodie. Behind 1-0 in the first, but it looks promising as the Jays have Loaiza on the mound and we have hit him in the past. Of course though every game is a new adventure. It's like California weather here. 90 degrees and humid. Speaking of California. Where in California do you live? The only place I have been was San Jose a couple of years ago for a seminar. Well time to go check out the Yanks. Go Cubs!!!

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RE: matthewg TP 2000

Jul 21, 2001
The Yanks better get some pitching, man. These young guys just can't do it. The Cubs lost the first of a four-game series with Houston in Houston. I'm hoping they can at least earn the split and keep the lead at 3 games. They face Mlicki today, so that's good, but they'll have to face Oswalt later. Fortunately, it looks like they'll avoid Miller. But yesterday was the game to win with Lieber on the hill. But they need a bat badly. I would trade any combination of anybody except Sammy, Wood, and Lieber to get Giambi. ANYTHING, even their prospects, IF the Cubs could lock him up.


Oh, Long Beach, by the way.

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