Aug 10 2001
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The truth about playstation 9

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check this one time
playstation 9 exists in your mind
learn to control your body like a master
and you might feel the shock of a laser blaster
when your playing your favorite game turn on the power in your brain so videogames will never be the same
know the fear feel the fear
know adrenaline feel it surge through your body when
the moment on screen calls for it then
search for the right chemicals in your body to be released on cue and your friends will be amazed at what you can do
capture the feeling of a shogun samurai
amplify the feeling when you get high
can you make your body feel like your about to fly?
or feel the shock of an electromagnetic pulse bomb
that blows away your soul now aint that the bomb
a new trick i learned while exploring the inner working of my bodies chemistry.

you have to know how to control every part of your body if you want your playstation 1or2 to become playstation 9.
nuff said
this message was brought to you by:
Gary malmgren of grand rapids michigan
aka NEO the god of peace
aka the new jesus
aka playstation 9

I am playstation 9...
who else knows how to control the matrix?
I found the answer to 2 of the most talked about questions there is...
if you can control the matrix, you can be PS9
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