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Re: RPG's Anyone??? Can Anyone Help?

Apr 24, 2003
 Xenosaga rocks and any of the FF games are also a good choice along with Kingdom Hearts if you don't mind those freakin Disney characters.
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Re: RPG's Anyone??? Can Anyone Help?

Apr 25, 2003
RPG's are my favorite.

PSX: 1...5 rating. 5=great, 1=not so great

Arc the lad (5/5)
Legen of the Dragoon (5/5)
Final Fantasy Tactics, VII, VIII, IX (5/5)
RPG Maker (fun only if you're hardcore role playing) (3/5)
Wild Arms (3/5)
Xenogears (2/5)
Tales of Destiny 2 (2/5)
Dragon Warrior VII (4/5)
Legend of Legaia (3/5)
Alundra (3/5)
Suikoden (5/5)
Breath of Fire III (5/5) I've loved this series since super nintendo.
Lunar Silver Star Story (5/5) Good luck finding this one.
Parasite Eve (3/5)
Legend of Mana (3/5) Not a sequal to secret of Mana
Chrono Cross (5/5) sequel to chrono trigger from SNES

There are many more. I've played all of the ones on the list and have mastered all but Xenogears (sorry, but I hate this game. I hate it so much I refuse to beat it or sell it. I think I'll break it.) RPG is my forte so if you'd like to msg me, I can give you a bigger list. I also can show you where to get some neat imports. I even own some imports..wait a i don't...hehehe...
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