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Jan 17 2000
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Quidditch game

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My sons, Daniel (age 11) and Kyle (age 9), have read all of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling and think that PlayStation should come out with a Quidditch game. I am sending this e-mail at their request,

They see this as a great way to combine a love of reading and a love for playing their PlayStation. They can just imagine flying around on broomsticks, dodging the bludgers, and catching the snitch.

The guys figure that you can earn higher levels of broomsticks with the points that you earn. They think that there ought to be a choice as to which position you play, keeper, chaser, beater or seeker. Mulitple players can chose to play on opposing teams or gang up against the game.

Since the girls at Hogswart (the school in the books) also play Quidditch on the same teams as the guys, this may be a good for them too.

Thank you for reading their suggestion. We are all looking forward to hearing that PlayStation will soon be offering a Quidditch game.

Kathy Janosko
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RE: Quidditch game

Nov 19, 2001
Please tell your sons that they have an excellent idea. I agree that their should be just a Quidditch game, and one for the search and so on. Rowling is a genius. And I realize everyone is saying they need to do it for the money, but I just want to play Quidditch.

Catherine Armstrong
(er... glad I still think like an eleven year old.)

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