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Dec 30 2002
By: gtsracing~old First Son 1 posts

PS1 racing wheel on a PS2 system

0 replies 23 views Edited Dec 30, 2001
I got my husband a PS2 for christmas, and the sales guy told me that his V3 racing wheel for his PS1 would work with GT3. But we only seem to be able to get it to work on the digital mode and not the analog mode. The digital mode is too sensitive, and it doesn't work right. Will this old racing wheel work, or do I have to go buy a new PS2 wheel?
Also I noticed that there are USB ports on the front of this system. Is it possible to buy a standard USB computer racing wheel and have it work with the PS2? They are considerably cheaper and have more functions than the PS2 wheel.
Thanks for any help!

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