Aug 01 2001
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Need help with rayman 2. Too #$%^&*! hard to do.

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I'm on the "beneath the santuray of stone and fire (I think that's what it's called). It's the level where he gets a new power that let's him use his head as a helicopter. I can't even start this level. When I try to go up through that passage where you're not aloud to touch the bottom or you'll die, and if you touch the other 3 sides, you get hurt. First off, the camera angles sucks. You can't see jack. And he's so hard to control. I can't move him around for a sec without touching something. How the hell can anyone beat this #$%@&^% level? Is there away to make him stay in the air, without him moviing? And what the hell is r2 supposed to do. I used it and I didn't notice any change. Please help me.

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