Dec 05 2001
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90 warranty??? And a partrige and a broken PS2

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So as everyone knows the playstation 2, and other systems have a 90 day warranty, right? Well if not they do. You ask why? Well I have a good clue it's because they can not trust their product. As for me I love or should I say loved my Playstation 2 we had some good times, until one fine day my Playstation 2 became illiterate, that's right it can not read any discs, nothing not even regular cd's. So once again I'm the sucker. So I called the ps2 people and told them what is wrong with the system, and they told me to send it in I'm ok with that until they told me that there was a price? The price is 130.00 dollars. I'm very upset and only have a post to tell people from playstation about what happened, and they hopfully can read this and come up with a good reply to it. I don't know I'm not saying that I'm anti Playstation cause I loved it. I've been with Playstation from the begining. I'm just saying that I need a new Playstation and don't want to pay for a new one expectally making min wage at a telemarketer service. Yes that's right I'm a telemarketer and yes I'm fine with that until I get out a school.

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and 90 days I mean come on, then if it goes faultly pay more money?

And no I didn't randomly beat up the PS2, I played it, that's all.

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"illiterate" PS2...does not read any discs *@#$%!

Dec 5, 2001
same has happened to me!!!!

sony told me the same thing...send it in with $$$ and we fix...seems to be a common theme on this message board.

i am looking for a solution other than sending sony more $$$ and waiting 3 weeks for my PS2...

i used to love sony!! i have their gaming systems, their tv's (2) , their vcr, their phone etc...but now because of this issue, i am letting everyone that i know that sony is evil and i intend to purchase anything but sony products in the future....

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A 90 day warranty is pretty standard when it comes to consumer electronics. -nt

Dec 5, 2001
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