Jul 16 2013
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ps2 not reading my games

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My mom got a slim ps2 from the pawn shop cuz my sister sold our other one >_>....Anyways I place a discs in and I waited along time and it show up not dice not working and idk way. Then I look on youtube and found a video saying I have to clean the inside of the slim and I did that still didn't work. Is there anyway anyone can help plz

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Re: ps2 not reading my games

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Jul 16, 2013

PS2 support


You might be able to find the help you need there. Hope you can get things fixed in regards to your PS2.  Is there something wrong in regards to the loading tray? Or does it open normally and just doesn't load it at all?


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Re: ps2 not reading my games

Aug 2, 2013

It opens normal but don't lode at all and all the games arnt not scratched to D:


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Re: ps2 not reading my games

Aug 3, 2013
The lens is dead. If this is a PS2 fat, this is a common issue and sadly, if a disc cleaner wont help, you may be SOL and need to buy a replacement lens. If its a slim, same thing, but its alot easier to repair than the fat.
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