Feb 16 2011
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playstaion 2 dvd problems

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hi, my ps2 has just started to only play 45mins of a dvd then stop, all games are ok i have tried 8 dvds in the last few days 7 of them are brand new and unsealed. i have takening the unit it bits and had a look to see if the lasser was getting jamed nothing all moving fine no dust in it, i blow it all out with a tin of compresed air. but still it ill only play 3/4 of the disc any ideas please?


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Re: playstaion 2 dvd problems

Mar 11, 2011

What PS2 do you have fat or slim? Are the DVD's Regular or Dual Layer? I know that the slims have had dvd playing issues, but not much on the fat ones. I know this isn't much help, but you might consider playing the DVD's on another machine, perferably a ps2 some basic trouble shooting.

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