Nov 05 2012
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Games and memory card matching

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bought a used PS2 slim works fine. Bought THPS 1-2-3&4, couldn't save skaters/careers, so i  bought two brand new 64mb cards, PS2 sees them and wil transfer data between them, but 1&2 dont see them and 3&4 usually need retrys. What gives?

do older games not see the larger cards? the cards are sony not 3rd party.

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Re: Games and memory card matching

Nov 24, 2012
The cards are indeed third-party, as Sony never made anything but 8 MB cards. Katana cards are official, but max out at 32 MB, and use multiple 8 MB pages. You bought counterfeit cards. Many official games are programmed to not detect a card with more than 8 MB of capacity at a time, hence why Katana used 8 MB pages. As the card you have is counterfeit, and probably low quality, that could explain the need to retry the save/load attempts.
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