Nov 02 2013
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AC Adapter Issue, Foreign Country

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Hey there,




I'm in China for a year, and I brought my PS2. I figured I could get whatever power adapters/converters that I needed while I was here. However, my PS2's (non-slim) AC adapter cord has one prong that's wider than the other one (I think this means that it's grounded? I don't know much about electrical stuff). No adapters or outlets that I'm finding seem to be built for such a plug. I figured out that, by wiggling the plug around a bit, I can get it into any two-pronged outlet or adapter. But when I do that, it does not work. In my most recent try, the adapter indicated that it was getting power, so I know that it's something to do with either the cord or the PS2. So I was looking at original PS2 replacement plugs online (I know I couldn't get them shipped here anyway), and none of them seem to have a plug with one prong wider than the other. That's my situation. Just fyi, my PS2 was working fine before I came to China.


Should I search for a plug that fits the PS2 but isn't grounded? Does such a plug exist? Would it fry my PS2 to use it? Should I keep looking for adapters that would work? Will my PS2 simply not work outside of North America? Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Re: AC Adapter Issue, Foreign Country

Nov 4, 2013

OK, first, do NOT try forcing your plug into the wall. It will damage your cord and the wiring.


Now as far as getting that cord to work, depending on where you are in China, there should be some electrical/hardware shops that sell U.S. to Chinese wall adapters. Basically, you will plug your PS2 cord into one end of the adapter. And then, you will plug the other end of the adapter into the wall.


Also, check the voltage on your power brick for your PS2. It should say something like 120V or some other number with a "V" next to it. That is how many volts your PS2 runs off. Make sure the adapter you buy converts that amount of volts; otherwise, your PS2 could get fried. If possible, try to find an employee at a shop that can help you - if you can't speak Chinese, try to find someone who can speak English Smiley Wink


The adapter should look like this: http://www.amazon.com/Grounded-Adapter-America-Australia-Certified/dp/B000BMHH94


I hope this helps Smiley Happy

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