Jul 15 2010
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Patapon story : what happened ?

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now ive had patapon 1 and 2 for a really long time so long that i actually forgot it had a story !

 i read on wikipedia about the story and wow there seems to be stuff  i didnt even know about.

 this thread is a community builder every patapon fan is free to share what they think happen and what they think will. also feel free to point the flaws of others theories.

so... What happened?


What i think happened :

the Patapon were a strong tribe! they started in the world of karmen them being their nemesis. there goal was simple get to earth end to gaze upon IT. now the patapon were great and everything was going well they were advancing toward earth end. Then the hero broke the world and after an apocalypstic event the table turned and karmens took the upper hand and their princess. By taking their princess the karmens were sure to have the obeicence of the patapons and to be able to make a superior breed of karmens. the karmen sent the patapons away in boat a lot got lost a lot died, but some found earth! in their new land they found the zigotons, very look alike , it did not take time before zigotons took them for a threat. their prophecy told them to prevent patapons to search for earth end as it would cause something terrible. the zigotons made sure patapons would never go adventure  and oppressed them.


what happened:

they defeated the zigotons and made it to "earth end" zigotons seeing nothing bad happened think their prophecy was false and help the patapons. The patapons beat the karmens find their princess (wich they never knew) and for no on knows what reason they help patapons


what Will happen: The zigoton prophecy was right after all the patapons searching for earth end did bring a terrible event! they opened the gates of the underworld (thinking it was It) now in a apocalysptic time the patapons still searching for IT fight to save the world!

and yeah they find IT at the end of the 3 (after the storm comes the sunshine)


This is what i think

what do you?


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Re: Patapon story : what happened ?

Jul 15, 2010
Wow very enticing, not bad theory's at all
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