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Final boss fight Map

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I was wondering, if the P3 starts in a postapocalyptic Map, why not end in a crumbling map. *be quick or be dead* until you reach the end of the line, the battle starts, in the meantime the map will crumbe, if you fail you gonna fall and then you must restart it again.


The boss must be a 3 phase boss, starts in a monster form, like a red squid, who can attack 8 times in a row. (this in a postapocalyptic rift)


Then after an epic fight, he turns into patapon form he looks like a dark hero, and can use all the dark hero attacks. (this inside the rift) 


The final form is a core (He looks like an eye. Also he floats, you cant attack him with melee, you must use ranged weapons, but he can dissapear, and then respawn back at you) , and the battle was inside the boss. You must defeat him from the inside.


And this is just one battle, so if you fail at the second form you must start at the begining. *All the forms have plenty hp and godly resistance, so if you look for a true final battle you got it,  even more difficult than cioking (patapon 2 epic boss) in the final fight*


The loot: Just kaching, and in one out of a hundred battles, one of the dark hero weapon. *This is extremely rare* you can beat him like 100 times and you still not having the weapon.  *You have to stagger him many times to get the weapon*. BTW just the third form can drop it. the other forms just drop kaching, so every time you beat the final boss you can get between 35k or 65k of  kaching if  you are lucky.... if you just beat him (Speedrun) you can just get 10k of kaching. *The dark hero weapon comes in a red and black spiked chest*


The egg for the patagate: You can get it beating him 3 times.


The alternate form, (like the grey rainbow), You must get the *vessel key* you can get it randomly in the game. *warning* it just appears 7 times, so if you find it in the 12 mission, and you fail, you loss 1 chance of getting it. You can have just one key per game.


The alternate form is even more difficult than the original form:


The monster form: He looks like a dragon: A red and black dragon who can fly and the rush at your army from above. (so you cant predict when he will attack) if you avoid his attack he can lay down for a whole minute.


Inmediatly when you beat his monster form: he turns into an army, With thousands of warriors (one thousand per class) *final form*


After the fight he kills your whole army, but leaves the hero and the hatapon and then he truns into your original hero patapon, (the hero patapon of patapon 2) but instead being the orange masked dude he have horns instead the helmet and a spiked grey mask  with two thunders. Also he can do some of your patapon beats (Don Don Chaka Chaka / Pon Pata Pon Pata /  Don Don Don Don Don ) and can summon his own spirit, and Djinn, He can turn into anyone of your dead patapon army. *Dont worry he drops healing green things when staggered Up to 5, who can heal you and heal your hatapon*


The loot: Like the original form he can drop dark hero weapons *yay* but you can found it in the second fight (one battle out of a hundred)  *Just one warrior of the evil army have it*, *it comes in a blue and black spiked chest*, Also even if you cant win this or the other battle, the experience earned is *Almost 50k* for the whole battle.


Btw cuz the final battle was located at the end of the game map, the second final battle comes after 3 (secret stages)....


(Details, i forgot):


-The chests wont disapear until you grab them.


-The first final boss form weakpoint seems to be his eyes. and staggers only when you destroy the 8 Tentacles. 


-The second form of the first final boss is a mix of all the dark heroes, but he have bare hands at the begining, or when staggered.


- Because the first final boss Third form dissapear very quickly only 1 out of 3 attack lands on him (when he was weak), and the chance of stagger him is of 70%.


-When the dragon form of the second final boss is flying it turns into a fog dragon, and when the dragon is on the land he cant breath fire at you, but he can make the ground under your army shakes 5 second and then crumbles (avoid using Don Don Chaka Chaka, the land under your army will respawn).


-The third form of the second final boss looks like the original hero patapon of patapon 2, but he have the form of the green evil dudes, and a corrupted form of the hero patapon mask. but he can turn into (KIBAPON, TATEPON, DEKAPON,  YUMIPON, TORIPON, ROBOPON, MAHOPON, YARIPON) and he can use dark hero Djinn.


-Any of the two final battles have a duration of 2 hours (Expert players). but in average players it have a duration between (3 to 5 hours).


Well, this is just for the final boss batle, true epicness, also when you defeat the second final boss a new stage appears before the first mission, (What happened after the vessel seal broke). *Mission 0*

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Re: Final boss fight Map

Jul 12, 2010
Dang that would be epic, that would need your imported P2 army to just have a fighting chance
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Re: Final boss fight Map

Jul 18, 2010

You lost me about two paragraphs in and i only really processed the last few lines

2 hours to beat if your pro at this game and can hold hero mode for more than a few commands?!?

Plus no pause feature.......


Would be the death of me.


Oh and the thousand army per squad sounds kinda like endless hordes....

They should make a natzi... I mean Deth-zombies mode.

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