Sep 14 2010
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PSP shutting off after a short time when using battery

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My wife recently purchased a PSP 3000.  Since she started using it, the system has shut itself off twice while she was playing a game.  Both times it happened while she was playing it using the battery, it was not hooked up to the AC adaptor.  She can power it back on when this happens and the battery meter still shows plenty of charge.  I have asked her if she bumped the on/off switch but she says she hasn't.  I also asked her to check the battery to make sure it is installed properly. 


Has anyone else encountered anything like this?  She is playing with headphones plugged in, and with the WLAN switch on and she says the brightness turned up pretty high.  Would any of those cause the system to turn off after a half hour or so or suck the battery down quickly?  The battery status does not show it is weak.  This has not happened when she plays with it plugged in to the AC adaptor. 

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