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Re: PSP Touch Screen concept model...

May 11, 2010

SharkJAW wrote:

This concept is my favorite, as it moves away from the conventional handheld design in a new way. The screen could be fragile, but, to me, it is aesthetically pleasing.

I think it would be much thicker.


Anyway, finally I see some posts about PSP2. I do hope they stick with the PSP Go design.

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Re: PSP Touch Screen concept model...

May 11, 2010


iluvfuz wrote:


Ix_DarkDragon_ wrote:

PSP Touch Screen?

No way.


why? because the games will suck and it sometimes it breaks

Because obviously every game will ignore the buttons and analog sticks and just use the touchscreen. And yeah...everything sometimes breaks, and I don't seem to hear widespread iTouch and iPhone screens breaking.


I don't like Gaming with touch screens. My DS's touch screen broke because that plastic crap thinge came off which was able to make contact with the screen. So I'm back with the PSP.



I wouldn't recommend touch screen for the PSP. I know anything breaks, but sometimes touch screens are sensitive and they break >.<

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