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Feb 18 2013
By: angeliccreature First Son 3 posts
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wanting a pspgo?

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Is this system ok instead of nintendo ds. Basically I want similar games for the psp. Is it possible to get/download them. I want to get something smaller than the ds but does games and more. Any sugesstions. Can u get apps?
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Re: wanting a pspgo?

Feb 18, 2013

The PSP Go is a PSP, but it only plays the PSP games that are in the Playstation Store.  About half of the PSP library is there.  The rest can't be played on the Go. The PSP-3001 can play all PSP titles, whether on disk, or in the Playstation Store.  Which model to buy depends on which PSP games you want to play. The PSP Go plays a completely different set of games than the Nintendo DS. They have very few games in common. Some PSP games are similar to some Nintendo DS games, but many Nintendo DS games have no real equivalent on the PSP. If you want to play Nintendo DS games; then you need a Nintendo DS, or DSi, or 3DS. If you want to play PSP games, then you need a PSP. Both devices are designed primarily for gaming.  The PSP Go also works as a basic MP3/AAC player, and can play some videos; which the Nintendo handhelds can't really do.  The PSP has very few apps (less than two dozen), and most of them are for streaming media, or communication (like Skype).

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