Sep 06 2012
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Sudden network outage on all of my PSP's

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I have a PSP 1000, 2000, and 3001. Every one of these was able to connect to my network as of yesterday. Today I was going to update one of them but it was unable to connect, showed 'internet connection failed' at the bottom of the test connection list. I decided to check out the other PSP's as the connection settings were correct and I was surprised to find that every single PSP I own cannot connect to the network at all unless I completely disable security. Very strange how it affected all of these at the same time. I have two different routers, both are set to WAP AES, no mac filtering, b & g mixed.


Looks like the PSP is sensitive to some subtle change in the network. After reading a good dozen threads I was hoping somebody here could help me.

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Re: Sudden network outage on all of my PSP's

Sep 6, 2012

The networking in the PSP is pretty straightforward.  There hasn't been a System update released in the past several weeks, so nothing changed with the software.  It is extremely unlikely that three different consoles had network hardware failures at the same time.  Something had to have changed in your network configuration. Do your wireless access points both have the same WPA key?  Do they have different SSIDs? Have you had any connectivity issues with other devices, or is it just the PSP?

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