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Jan 26 2013
By: DuoMaxwellWinner First Son 2 posts

PSP to TV Color Issue

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Alright I have searched all over the net, and the only thing I can find solution wise is the common mistakes of cable plug-ins, which isnt my issue at all.


I bought a Cable for my PSP to TV 'ages' ago, and back then found out I had the wrong cable, tv, yadda yadda yadda, well I got the right tv finally and technically right cable, but not for games, so recently I finally got the right cable, made sure it was sony brand so I wouldnt have any issues, aka TV, PSP, and cable are all sony.


Now the Problem happens with both cables, they are plugged into the correct ports, the TV and Cables are brand new, PSP is old but I never used the TV plug in until I tried to connect the psp to the tv (so rarely used shouldnt have an issue).


But back on Topic to the Main problem, for some odd reason Im having a type of Glow/Color Issue, its mostly black and white and semi glows white, but when It does show color its Neon-y, not only that when I get a sub menu option on the psp it glows white, blindingly so I can barely make out the options.



I took pictures so here they are.














Anyways I'm trying to find a way to get the picture to work right so I can play FFIV on my TV, I have tried everything between switching cables around to trying different tv's and brand of tvs, even putting them in the wrong ports just for GP!


My tv (the one you see here) I made sure it had all the 'bells and wistles' cable/connection wise because I have game systems from nintendo and up, and I have them all connected to this tv, and I also know its not the cable ports on the tv because I usually use those for my wii and the picture quality is fine.


And again I know its not the cables that are bad because it does the same thing to both cables.


and again it shouldnt be my psp because I almost never used that port, and I've always kept my psp in good condition and took care of it.


Im thinking it might be an official firmware issue or something else like a settings issue, I tried all the options I could on the psp and I dont knowwhat else to do, I just want to fix this problem and play my game on my TV.


So if somebody can help me that would be great!


I'm ganna go retry some stuff and mabey look online more for other options, I just hope it isnt my actual psp hardware, specially since it shouldnt be, but Im worried because its so old...hopefully there is a solution out there.

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MVP Support
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Re: PSP to TV Color Issue

Jan 27, 2013

Did you try adjusting the brightness and contrast settings on the TV?  The PSP isn't generating the same video signal as whatever else you have connected to the TV does, so there is no reason why it should display properly with the same TV settings.

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First Son
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Re: PSP to TV Color Issue

Jan 28, 2013
Yes I did all of that, its doing this to all tv's to boot not just this one, it's more like it doesn't have or want to read the darker shades of the color spectrum for some odd reason it's really weird
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