Jul 13 2013
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PSP 1000 Broken Wifi Switch

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I got this PSP back when they first released, and recently, after getting PS+, I've been getting a lot of games and wanted to play some PSP games. The problem is that the Wifi switch on the console is broken, so it prevents me from going online or downloading games. The switch moves up and down, but has no resistance, and thus, doesn't click into the "on" position. Any help would be appreciated Smiley Happy

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Re: PSP 1000 Broken Wifi Switch

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Jul 19, 2013
You could attempt to fix it yourself using tools. You'd have to open the system up most likely. But it would void your warranty. (Which I'm assuming has long since expired anyway). There's loads of how-tos on YouTube. Try that or search for a repair store near you (if one exists).

You can try this page as well:


Or try your luck by calling Sony! Hope this helps

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