Feb 07 2013
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Help please!

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Hello friends I have some questions for you about the psp 3000?


1.Does using a memory adapter have any side effects or problems causing later on?Which one do you recommend memory adapter with micro sd or memorystickproduo?


2.Is the 16 gb memory card bad for use?I have heard bad reviews about them?


3.I have heard things like GTA 4 does run on psp 3000 and the vita but it hangs a lot?But why don't games like PES 13 not do that?


4.I am having a problem with my battery.I switch the PSP 3000 off and before turning it off I see that there is 20% battery remaining.But when I switch it back on it is actually dropping ?What is happening,is my battery suffering problems?

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Re: Help please!

Feb 8, 2013
  1. People have used memory card adapters to use memory stick micro cards in the PSP.  There have been no issues reported with them.  An adapter for MicroSD cards might work also, but I don't recall anyone trying.
  2. I have two 16GB memory sticks, one Sony and one Lexar, and I have never had a problem with either of them.
  3. GTA 4 is a PS3 game, and does not run on the PSP, even with Remote Play.  It is possible to start the game with Remote Play if you are using unauthorized PS3 System software, but the game doesn't work properly via Remote Play; which is why it doesn't run at all using official System software
  4. If you put the PSP in standby mode, it is still using power to maintain the contents of memory.  Just less power than it would if it were turned on.  You have to hold the power switch off until the power light starts blinking in order to turn the console completely off.  Even then, the battery will lose power slowly, because rechargeable batteries are not designed to store power for extended periods of time.  
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