Mar 13 2012
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ps network

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I have virgin media and getting 32meg download and 3 meg upload, so when I do a test on my ps3 it only say's 2.1meg down and 2.1 up .

I know this is just estimated on my ps3 but come Sony let do something about this. It's not that long ago there was talk of paying for or service.

p.s at the moment I am play mw3 !

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Re: ps network

Apr 18, 2012

Wrong forum. You posted this in the PSP section.

But to answer your question, the Internet speed tests on the PS3 are completely worthless. The numbers are not the actuall connection speed your PS3 is seeing. The test is completely FUBAR and should be removed from the firmware. Just ignore it. The low numbers indicate a problem with the test, not your connection.

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Re: ps network

May 1, 2012

join the club  my friend I'm on virgin 30meg  and getting the same, p.s not got a clue probably just ps net .  ignor geekgod you post where thr f*** you want

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