Jul 10 2012
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PSP Go will not connect to ANY wifi network

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So here's the deal, I recently purchased a PSP go and have been struggling to conenct to a network.  I don't have a router/modem or a wifi network, so I have been resorting to public wifi.  I live in NYC so there are a ton of wifi hotspots.  I have tried like literally ten different unsecured networks (from like parks, and work, and hotels, etc) and can never connect.  It's always something like: "A connection error occured" and then a seemingly random, long error number.  Or, "A connection to the access point could not be established" etc.  This is driving me CRAZY.  Especially considering the entire system relies on an internet connection, so for right now I have a paperwieght.  I appreciate help but before you reply, again, I do not have access to routers/modems, etc because I am on public networks.  I can't restart them or get their specific details (I don't see why I should have to in the first place anyway).  I also don't have to double check credentials because, again, these are unsecured networks that anybody can connect to.  I just want to connect to PSN, get some games and that's it for now.  Any help or reasons why this thing is so **bleep** stubborn?

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