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Re: Re: Re: List of games that have Infrastructure and Game Sharing

Oct 3, 2008
i may be able 2 use this, thx
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Re: List of games that have Infrastructure and Game Sharing

Jun 15, 2012

Can anyone from the playstation community help with this issue regarding online infrastructure mode for the games Syphon filter (Dark Mirror, Logan's Shadow, Combat Ops).

It seems that the server is down and does not operate, could the playstation server operators bring the server on so that we playstation players of psp devices play the games we bought because this is unfair to all gamers around the world.

Please rectify this issue because we have come to know that there are two new playstation portable systems out, which are psp E1000 and psp vita. But still there are psp 1000,2000,3000 owners out there and would like for the online capabilties to function properly and work at all times because the servers are not operating and error messages are appearing saying our connection is a failure when we tested it on other devices it seems to be working.

So the issue is the playstation portable games of Syphon filter, if the online function does not work for the syphon filter combat ops then that would mean that I have wasted my money buying this game.

Please rectify this issue immediately.

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