Dec 18 2010
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PSP Media Streaming

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its been years since the psp has gotten a big update idk if sonys just focusing on the ps3 or just busy devloping the psp2 but it seams

that the psp can do alot more then what it just has on the memory card like the ps3 can do streaming ex. i can stream viedo from my laptop to my ps3 but with remote play i can stream it to my psp too...  i can also watch youtube vids on my psp through remote play too... so i don't know where the psp couldent handle it straight through its own browser even with the website being portable version...


so maby their adding these features to the psp2 idk but i would like to see it added also keep the umd drive or give us some way of digitilzing it for free or at a lower cost

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