Apr 23 2010
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Trine buy now!!!

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Trine is a classic side scrolling puzzle game. This bring you back to the 2d days. Only that the background is in 3d.  Please take the time and check out this game.



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Re: Trine buy now!!!

Apr 25, 2010

I agree. I loved this game.

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Re: Trine buy now!!!

Apr 25, 2010

agreed. it's a great game. The best part is that there is no right or wrong way to do anything in it. there are several ways to finish every level. I've seen youtube videos where someone used the theif to clear a gap that I decided to build bridges with the wizard. Some people choose to drop boxes or planks on foes with the wizard while others stand firm with the knight.


PS-BTW, dropping a plank on the baddies at the end of the last level is so much easier than firing a bow at them or fighting them off.

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Re: Trine buy now!!!

Apr 25, 2010

I fully agree!  There should be a demo for it too.  I know there was at one time, I doubt they'd take it down.  Great game!  Speaking of which, I really need to play that more...

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Re: Trine buy now!!!

Apr 25, 2010

Buy if you are not interested in the latest updates to the title from FrozenByte. Trine has had 2 patch updates 1.05 and 1.06 since its availability on PSN. Both of the patch updates have not been made available through automatic update. Due to the lack of this support from PSN you experience the following issues that are not evident in the demo version of the title...


  • Missing XMB background image for the Trine once installed.
  • Trine Trophy images do not display in your the local XMB. However the trophy images are visible on PSN.
  • There are distracting white lines that display intermittently throughout the game.
  • Tempo of theme song is noticeably slower

All these issues and more have been addressed by the Frozenbyte team in patches 1.05 and 1..06. See patch notes...


Frozenbyte has had issues with getting the title updated on PSN as seen on their forum posting...


I have contacted PSN on 2 occasions regarding these concerns to which they have basically responded... "We apologize for the inconvenience".


Shortly after this correspondence the regular price of the title went from $19.99 to $14.99. I purchased Trine during one of the $7.99 sales. I have not seen the automatic update fix the above issues in the version I have purchased. Purchased Trine in Feb.


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