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Visual Novel

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For the people who have played them on the PSx and PSP, do you think we will ever get more of them released in the US? Like Diabolik Lovers or Amnesia?


Also, what's your view points on them?

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Re: Visual Novel

Apr 28, 2013

I actually own a couple of VN and I love them. I have them on japanese since I don't know any japanese it takes me a while to go from one scene to the other as I have to use dictionary but it is all worth it as I realize the chance of getting the games localized is almost none. As to answer your question as I understand AKSYS is localizing Sweet Fuse and also they have 2 of the Hakuoki games for PSP. There might be a chance if we keep making some noise they will localize more games.



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Amnesia - JPN

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Moujuutsukai to Oujisama: Snow Bride - JPN

Hiiro no Kakera 3 - JPN

Hakuoki - Warriors of the Shinsengumi - US

Hakuoki - Demon of the Fleeting Blossom - US


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Re: Visual Novel

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Jun 1, 2013

As a fan of anything different or unusual in these parts, game wise, I love visual novels.  I have both Hakuoki games, but I haven't heard of Sweet Fuse.  I'm also quite fond of 999 and Virtue's Last Reward, as well as both Corpse Party games(the first one isn't a visual novel, but the sequel is).  I've downloaded some games from the Japanese, most of which are ps1 classics, but my focus has mostly been on dating sims.  I'm interested in getting some Key Studios visual novles like Kanon and Air for the psp from the Japanese psn, and possibly the ps3 version of Clannad, as well as Planetarian, but my Japanese isn't nearly good enough, so I've been watching the Kanon and Clannad animes(already saw Air some time ago). 


I'm all for more visual novels being localized to NA.  I'm currently working on getting my Japanese up to par, because trying to use dictionaries and other resources to translate, is not the most fun experience IMHO.  Sure, I can actually skim through some text that I do know, but even still, it's a complete nightmare.  With that said, a dream of mine is to be able to enjoy any kind of game that interests me, regardless of whether it's in English or Japanese.  I feel like we're stuck begging for scraps from Japan's table, but for various reasons, we don't really get to enjoy the full feast that they have in front of them.  Sure, sometimes we get lucky, and they throw some filet mignon our way, like Persona 3 and 4, or Chrono Trigger and classic Final Fantasy, but we're not always so fortunate.  Not everything that's localized is good, and there are a number of good Japanese titles that never make it over here.  I would like to be able to stroll over to Japan's table, and take any dish that looks good to me.  The Japanese psn is very much like an orchard full of forbidden fruit that we can just waltz into.  The visual novel genre in particular is one such fruit that we don't see much around here. 


Unfortunately, my dinner table and fruit metaphors only go so far, and the language barrier is one that's keeping me from enjoying Japan's best dishes from the psn.  I did take four semesters of Japanese five years ago, but I'm incredibly rusty at this point, and though I have been working on getting it all back, I need to teach myself new stuff, since games require a greater understanding of the language than I ever had before.  Visual novels in particular are the worst in that regard, since they are not only story heavy, but are pretty much entirely story.  At least jrpgs have some gameplay to break things up, though I wouldn't recommend playing one of them without an adequate reading level and understanding either.  So, I'll keep studying, in the hopes of being able to sit at Japan's table one day, and have what they're having, while I sit and enjoy whatever scraps they send our way in the meantime. 

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