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Aug 19 2013
By: AccomplishedGoal First Son 1 posts

Educational Games For Ps3 and Ps4

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I think Playstation 3 and 4 could go really far, if they were responsible for helping the educate the world through interactive educational games. I know a lot of people might have all sorts of replies with something like this, but I really feel good about posting this for some reason. Ps4 can be so much. It could not only help with kids struggling in school, but adults who want to take a subject they are interested in. 
Say someone wants to learn music. There could be course games to buy, where you can have a personal journey to study at your own pace. 
They could have teachers through the PS4 with a live broadcast where you can see the teacher running the class right from your TV. Lots of people can tune in to the class at one time, and participate with one another even having open classroom discussion.
If you have the confidence as game creators, to even make college courses through PS4. That would make it affordable and everyone could benefit the entire world. You could even have classroom tutors or teacher chat rooms. Say if someone needed a Math tutor, it could be private so they can get help. To aviod problems at first, people could rate the school and update how they are doing to reconnect with classmates they attended the PS4 school with.  
They could have language games that help people worldwide.
Science games with live updates on particular subjects. PS4 camera can be used for socializing with interviews and learning with other people. 
Medical games to explain the body and its functions for an advancement of healthcare. 
Educational games for kids about life on earth and the systems it needs to run. 
History lessons, financial educations, psychology,  cooking, detailed fitness, How tos, the list goes on.
You could even do How To, and DIY games as well. 

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