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Jun 21, 2011

Units of the World: CANADA

Last Updated: June 21, 2011

Next we'll look at the units of America's neighbor to the north, Canada.

While Canada has actively participated in operations around the world in times of need (D-Day comes immediately to mind), their military is built primarily around homeland defense, a fact that is really driven home hard as you look over their unit selection.  This is NOT a Production Type most players will go with for anything except a small-country match, because they simply lack far too many essential unit types and versatility to compete, much less project power into new territories.  Seriously, I covered EVERY aerial unit and unique naval unit in their inventory below; it's not like I was just being lazy, there just aren't that many units to show!

But anyway, here we go with Canada.

Screenshot Template

The CF-188 Hornet is Canada's only multi-role fighter; it can carry bombs and also equip 12 hex-range anti-ship Harpoon missiles (nice!).

The CF-188 is the aerial recon version of the plane above; it carries only anti-air weaponry.

The Sperwer TUAV is an unmanned aerial reconnaissance drone.

The Aurora is a sub and ship-killer of lethal capability.

The CC-130 Hercules is Canada's primary transport plane.

The KCC-130 is the Supply version of the previous plane.

Armed with only a machine gun, the CH-146 Griffon is the closest thing Canada has to a ground-attack helicopter.

The Sea King is a reliable submarine deterrent with a high kill ratio per attack.

While it's an older model, the Leopard 2A4 is nonetheless a very good MBT.

The Leopard C-2 is Canada's other, older version of the Leopard.

The Mamba Mk. II is one of a few different ground transport options available to players who use Canada.

The M113TUA boasts TOW anti-tank missiles which can hit to nice effect.

The LAV Coyote is best used against infantry.

The LAV-III Kodiak adds troop carrying ability to the previous model.

The LAV Bison/Mortar is the closest thing Canada has to mobile artillery; of course mortars are best used against infantry rather than armor, as you can se by the stats above.

The M113ADATS is a capable mobile air defense system.

The M777 is a nice piece of fixed artillery with a 4-hex range.  As with most artillery, it is best used in bunches to obtain the most lethal effect.

The Iroquois is a nice vessel with good anti-air range as well as Intercept capability.  It also has a high kill rate against submarines.

The Halifax is a pretty versatile ship with multiple attack options (primarily Air, Surf, Submarine).

The Victoria is Canada's only submarine, but it is an effective ship and sub-killer if it gets close enough to fire.

Well, that's about it.  As you can see, while they have a few nice units, Canada simply lacks too many key types of units to be a major power in DSP HD.  But one of the game's strengths will likely be in challenging players to adapt their strategies to using countries with smaller unit selections.  While many Production Types may not offer the glamour and combination of range and firepower of superpowers like the US and Russia, I believe these nations will offer a new, unfamiliar type of gameplay experience for those looking for an additional challenge, and new types of matches (especially "Alliance" set-ups) should rise as players learn to use them in support of each other and larger Production Types.

Till next time...


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Jun 21, 2011

I've made it my personal goal to win battles with Canada lol. It will be most interesting..... it kinda feels like they have 'just enough' of a force to be effective. Also, is there special infantry for Canada?

Also, I found interesting info on the Victoria.....its a pretty sweet rig.

thanks again for posting all of the info, I love it

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Jun 21, 2011


Yes, Canada has all of the requisite standard infantry types (in the Perfect series Special Forces are referred to as Commandos).  Hope that helps; have a great day!


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Jun 22, 2011

Units of the World: FRANCE

Last Updated: June 22, 2011

Let's all be honest here; when you play a local match of DS VII with your buddies, France isn't the Production Type everyone wants to play as.  It's not like your friends pick the US, Japan, or Russia and you immediately think of France as your first choice to counter with and dominate the match.  If France is brought up at all, it's likely in a jocular fashion:

"Hey guys, what do you call a Nintendo war game in France?  Wii Surrender!"  Laughs ensue, followed by a rambling discussion about why the French hate us Americans so much nowadays.  Go figure.

Come on, admit it; France isn't your first choice in DS VII.  It's okay; confession is good for the soul.

France sadly gets no respect in DS VII for pretty much the same reasons that China is often ignored; they're absolutely neutered with no Air Intercept at all or significant counters for the range and firepower of other Production Types.  Thankfully that issue is erased forever in DSP HD as France is now frankly one of the best and most balanced Production Types in the game.  While I doubt they crack my personal Top Five, they're doggone close.

So without further adieu (pardon the pun, I couldn't resist), let's take a look at the units of France.

Screenshot Template

The Rafale C is a versatile attack plane that can engage other aircraft or be equipped for bombing missions.

With an effective 12-hex attack against ships, the Rafale M should make opposing players think twice about bringing their vessels too close to France's coastline.

The Super Etendard is no slouch in the anti-ship department either; it can equip 6 hex-range Exocets.

The Mirage 2000-5 has fairly short range but good hit ratios against aircraft.  It can also be equipped to attack ground units and ships.

The Mirage 2000-D's role is primarily as a ground and surf-attack jet.

The Mirage 2000N is France's only plane that can be classified as a true bomber by designation (it can equip 1,000 lb bombs).

The Atlantique 2 is an anti-submarine and ship predatory bird.

The DC-8 SARIG can employ a radar-scrambling ECM burst.

The KC-135 Stratotanker, as its name implies, is a mid-air refueler.

The HAD Tiger is a good ground attack helicopter and can also go after naval units.

I'll be honest here; I can't see ANY difference in roles between the HAD and HAP variations of the Tiger, just a slight cost difference.

As is the case when using them with China, the Gazelle is a cheap but effective ground-attack helicopter when utilized in swarms.

The NH90 is a transport copter with good carrying capacity and very good range per turn (10 hexes).

The NFH has a lethal 82-effectiveness anti-submarine attack.

While not on the same level as the "Big Three" (Abrams, Challenger, Leopard), the Leclerc is actually a pretty decent MBT.

The Leclerc AZUR adds more fuel capacity to the earlier model; aside from that, I can't make out a significant difference.

With a nice 105mm main gun, the AMX-10RC is an above-average tank killer.

One bugaboo from DS VII does return for France: a lack of move-and-shoot ground artillery.  The AMX-30GCT AU-F-1 is their primary mobile artillery unit.

The CAESAR is France's other mobile artillery unit, with a 155mm howitzer.  Still, it has no move-and-shhot ability.

The Peugeot P4 is made for quick reconnaissance missions where you don't want to risk an expensive unit venturing into "fog of war".

The Crotale NG is a capable mobile anti-air platform.

The Roland is another good mobile anti-air unit.

Yes, the French have themselves a hovercraft.  Hey, it's a transport option that most Production Types can't boast!

One infantry type common to many Production Types that are either larger and/or contain mountainous terrain within their borders are the Mountaineers.  They can move across rough terain a bit better than other infantry.

The Forbin is France's most versatile warship.  It has lots of nice features, including Air Intercept and a high kill-ratio attack against submarines and other naval units.

The Jeanne d'Arc is a decent warship that can also carry and resupply helicopters.

At only $6000, the Cassard is a bargain considering its nice anti-ship capabilities and Air Intercept.

The Georges Leygues is another good warship with multiple attack options, though it does lack Air Intercept capability.

The La Fayette's 10-hex attack range against ships is nothing to sneeze at, to be sure.  That's very good direct-attack range!

The D'Estienne d'Orves (somehow the name makes me think of hors doerves) is a close-range attacker that can strike at submarines as well as ships.

The Charles de Gaulle gives France a carrier, and hence a huge leg up on most other Production Types in a naval match.

The Mistral is one of France's primary assault ships.

With a 6-hex attack against ships, the Rubis is a lethal, silent hunter.

While smaller than the Rubis, the Agosta nonetheless employs the same nasty 6-hex anti-ship attack.

I saved the best for last, and the biggest reason that France is done being the butt of jokes in Daisenryaku matches.  The Le Triomphant is a nuclear submarine with a 15 hex-range, megahex cruise missile attack against land units and facilities.  Viva la France, indeed!

Well, that wraps up France for now.  I'm sure that after sharing that "Wii Surrender" gag that, should DSP HD end up coming to the West, I'll have French players seeking me out online to try to kick my butt.  But hey, that's okay...because anybody who's a fan of Daisenryaku and great strategy games in general is cool in my book.

Hope you enjoyed the last of the "Original Eight" nations from DS VII to be featured here; from here on it's on to more new and unfamiliar Production Types!

M109A6 ƒpƒ‰ƒfƒBƒ“

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Jun 23, 2011

Units of the World: FINLAND

Last Updated: June 23, 2011

Since tomorrow I'm going to be very busy I figured I'd go ahead and put up the next Production Type before I go to bed.  So here is a friendly shout-out to our friend and community member, GimbleFIN, namely his native country's units!

Finland is another very small Production Type that's designed mostly for homeland defense (I included EVERY aircraft type that's selectable for them by default below, and the ONLY unique ship outside the universal transport/supply/minesweeper stuff).  While their inventory does include a few Western units, most are holdovers from when Finland was still part of the Warsaw Pact.  There's a heavy presence of (mostly older) Russian tech to be found here, along with a smattering of US and European-made vehicles.

So off we go!

Screenshot Template

Finland's only true air superiority fighter is a very good one; the F/A-18 Hornet cand be equipped for a wide variety of mission parameters, including ground and sea attacks.

Finland has two versions of the Hawk.  The first is a ground-attack specialist...

while the other is made for reconnaissance and can engage aerial targets (plus look how much cheaper the recon version is!!!).

While used primarily as a transport copter, the Hip can also be outfitted to attack ground units.

The NH90 can carry a good-sized load and move very fast (10 hexes per turn).

Outside of getting line of sight for your forces, the OH-6 has no offensive capabilities.

If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say that the T-72M makes up the majority of Finland's tank forces.  They're pretty cheap but still decently effective with those 125mm cannons.

The T-55 is a throwback to the earlier days of the Cold War.

Easily Finland's best MBT, the Leopard 2A4 certainly gives them respectability on the ground.

The BMP-1 can transport troops and is also pretty effective against enemy armor with its Sagger missiles and 73mm cannon.

The BMP-2's Spandrel missiles have an even higher kill ratio against enemy vehicles than the BMP-1.  Seriously, this thing might just pose a threat to heavy armor if it gets off the first shot.

The CV9030 is best used against enemy infantry.  It too can transport troops.

Armed with only a machine gun, the MT-LB is best just used as a transport for infantry.

The Giantsint is one of two mobile artillery pieces that Finland employs.  Unfortunately, neither can move and shoot in the same turn.

The 2S1 Gzodvika is Finland's other mobile artillery vehicle; both are from older Soviet technology.

Like most fixed artillery, the ML-20 is best used en masse.

While its profile and single gun may make it look like a tank, the ItPsv90 Marksman is actually a mobile anti-air unit.

The ZSU-57-2 is another mobile anti-air unit.  Its best effectiveness is against helicopters but it can also attack enemy ground vehicles and infantry.

The It090 Crotale NG is a nice mobile anti-air platform.

Armed with aerial Intercept capability, the 9K37 buk M1 is finland's best anti-air unit.

The RM-70 is short-ranged but does have a multi-hex attack.

The Rbs.15KA can attack enemy naval vessels that get too close from 7 hexes away.  Not too shabby.

The 9K51 Grad is another multi-hex capable unit.  Enough of these behind your front lines and your opponent will take some serious casualties as they try to advance.

Meet Finland's only unique naval unit, the Hamina.  Fortunately, it's not that bad, with an effective 7-hex attack against other ships.

So that's Finland.  While it's a small nation with definitely one of the smaller unit selections in the game, I think what they have is interesting and could be effective in supporting larger allies in a multiplayer match.

I think I'll be taking a break for a day or so to hopefully work some more on my webcomic and do some needed things around the house.  Until next time...


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Jun 28, 2011

Units of the World: INDIA

Last Updated: June 27, 2011

I'll be honest here; I really didn't know quite what to expect when I began looking at India's units to post some of them for the FAQ here.  I knew that it's a HUGE country population-wise (over 1 billion and growing) and that it's a strange combination of the modern industrial and the rural agricultural, one where despite economic and technological improvements they're having trouble adequately feeding all of their people.

I didn't know much at all about their military.  What I can report after having looked over their unit selection in DSP 3.0 is that, should DSP HD make it to Western consoles, India will absolutely be high on many players' lists of favorite Production Types.  Due to India's geographical location they have a long history of influence by both East and West, and as they had friendly ties with the former Soviet Union when Communism gained a measure of influence during the Cold War, many of their units are from late Soviet technology.  There are a smattering of Western unit types in there as well, along with some nice homegrown ones.

The simple truth is, for a Production Type that didn't get included in DS VII, India has to be the most balanced, strongest overall Production Type of ANY of the new ones I've encountered so far while doing this FAQ.  How good are they?  They easily crack my Top Five, maybe even the Top Three or Four.  Air Intercept?  Check.  Great anti-ground range and ballistics?  Check and check.  Nice anti-ground and anti-sea range?  Check again.  Ability to project power navally?  Check.  There isn't ANY essential area where I think India will be weak in a DSP HD match; they're going to be a tough matchup even for seasoned players using the US and Russia to take down.

So let's get right to these units shall we?  Then you can see for yourselves.

Screenshot Template

The Su-30MKI Flanker can equip nice 6 hex-range anti-air missiles as well as the Kazoo, a deadly 10-hex ground and surf-attack missile.

The Fulcrum is another really nice Russian import with a 6-hex anti-air range and the ability to strike ships from up to 13 hexes away.  One thing you'll notice quickly about India's planes is their versatility.

The Foxbat is a good air superiority fighter, though not the best in India's arsenal.

The Jaguar is a nice fighter-bomber with, you guessed it, a long-ranged attack against ships.  Those Indians must really not like folks encroaching on their territory from the sea!

The Tejas is a good fighter but its strength as a bomber can't be ignored either; the Kayak gives it a 13-hex attack against surface ships.  Nasty.

The Mirage 2000 is a decent fighter/bomber as well.

The Sea Harrier is a nice VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) fighter that can perform bombing missions and also can equip a 10-hex attack against ships.  It also has a pretty unique paint job.

The Candid gives India a nice, big aerial transport to get land units from Point A to Point B swiftly.

Of course you just can't have Russian unit types in your inventory without including the Hind.  One thing that may be overlooked due to the fact they're so common is that the Hind is a really nice assault helicopter; it can carry a unit of infantry and is armored well enough to survive substantial anti-air attacks.

The Halo is one BIG helicopter; just take a gander at that load capacity!  And it can carry all that at 9 hexes per turn.  Impressive.

Having swarms of Helixes hovering over your coastline is sure to discourage enemy subs from getting too close.

The Arjun looks to be a really good MBT; it'll be interesting to see how it stacks up against the likes of the Abrams or Leopard.

The T-72M is an older Russian model but is still serviceable.

Among the improvements the T-90 offers over the older T-72 is its 2 hex-range Sniper anti-tank missile.

The Vijayanta is another older tank, but I can see where it could support the newer models quite nicely, especially in an anti-infantry or anti-light armor role.

Along with carrying an Infantry unit, the BMP-2 can ruin an enemy tank's day with its Spandrel.

The BRDM-2 is designed primarily for an anti-infantry role, but don't ignore its nice line of sight range; it can make a good recon unit!

The Casspir is a four-wheeled troop transport option with good range (8 hexes) per turn.

The Mahindra is a small four-wheeled vehicle made for getting quick line of sight and then bugging out before it's toast.

The Bhim has nice 4-hex anti-ground range and can move and shoot in the same turn, which is a big plus for pushing forward.

The Catapult is a more defensive-minded option for India's mobile artillery as it cannot move and shoot.

With 6 hexes or anti-ground range and multi-hex damage, the Smerch's lack of move-and-shoot capability can be excused.  A bunch of these can wreak havoc on approaching enemy ground units, especially if they're clumped together closely.

While not as long-ranged as the Smerch, the Pinaka should also give opposing players headaches with its multi-hex ground attacks.

The Prithvi has to be deployed but offers a really nice 12-hex range against enemy ground forces and can deal multi-hex damage (basically it's equivalent to the ATACMS).  Not half bad.

The Shilka could be considered an "entry-level" anti-air unit; it's best attacks are against helicopters.

The Strela is a good mobile anti-air unit, especially against helicopters.

The Tunguska has 2 hexes of effective range against aircraft; its Grison missiles are deadly against both planes and helicopters.

The 9K33 Osa AKM is another of India's mobile anti-air units.

With a 3-hex range and Intercept ability, several 2K12 Kubs placed strategically around your ground units and facilities could save you a lot of grief from enemy bombers and ground attack fighters.

The S-125M Neva M is yet another good deployable anti-air unit with Intercept.

I think it bears saying that the S-300P was absolutely neutered by its lack of Air Intercept in DS VII, and due to that Russia was hugely weakened as a Production Type.  That issue has been rectified for DSP HD, and along with Russia, India will also enjoy the benefit of that newfound power and range (10 hexes, which is farther than the NATO Patriot).  The SPU300M will earn your respect if not elicit outright hatred when you have to fly over Production Types who are using it; it can even intercept cruise missiles with good effectiveness.

Still not convinced that India's a force to be reckoned with?  The Agni I gives them a 30-hex attack against ground units and facilities.  But wait, that's not all...

...The Agni 2 has a GINORMOUS 65-hex attack against ground (for reference, the ENTIRE MULTIPLAYER MAPS in DS VII are only 64X64 hexes in size!!!).  Yeah, India's a superpower in DSP HD, pure and simple.

The Talwar is the most versatile warship in the Indian navy.  It has Air Intercept capability out to 5 hexes, but the main attraction is its lethal, 20 hex-range attack against enemy vessels with its SS-N-27 Sizzler.  Folks, that could spell trouble even for heavyweights like the US and Russia on a naval map!

The Delhi has Air Intercept and very good anti-ship range.

The Rajput is one of India's larger naval vessels and among other things can be used against submarines.

The Brahmaputra is a good ship with a nice 10-hex anti-ship attack.

The Kora may lack Air Intercept but it has better anti-ship range than the flagships of some other Production Types.

The Osa II may be described as a fairly close-range combatant with its 4-hex range and moderate attack values.

The Vikramaditya gives India the carrier it needs to be a legitimate contender for superiority on a naval map.

The Magar is an assault ship with superb carying capacity.

The Viraat may not have the carrying capacity of the Magar, but at 6 hexes of movement per turn it's above average for an assault ship.

India's most powerful submarine, the Akula is nasty at close range against ships, but its real strength is against other subs; yes, that's an 8-hex attack against subs.  And it's lethal with an attack value of 80!

Yes, it's...the Indian Undersea Coffin (for those of you who aren't in on the joke's meaning, you'd have to read WAYYY back on the Main thread)!!!  The Kilo offers the same limited range but lethal close-range attacks against ships as the Russian version.

The Shishumar is a smallish submarine but still deadly at close range against other subs and vessels.

Well, that's India for now, everyone.  I hope you enjoy looking over their selection as much as I did; I really think they'll be one of the premier and most heavily played-as Production Types if/when we get DSP HD released here.

Till next time...


The SA-319 is an average, low-capacity troop-carrying helicopter.

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Jul 1, 2011

Units of the World: SWEDEN

Last Updated: June 30, 2011

This was an interesting country to look over and post.  Nobody is likely to accuse Sweden of being a superpower in DSP HD, but they have a pretty wide selection of unit types found nowhere else (including some really nice ones), so I can definitely see them being a great Production Type for small and medium-country matches where a player wants to try something truly different.  It's refreshing to finally come upon a smaller nation that's not stocked mostly with imports from NATO or the former Warsaw Pact, at the very least.

So, on with Sweden!

Screenshot Template

The Gripen is Sweden's best overall fighter jet, and its best weapon is that NICE 15-hex anti-ship missile, the Rbs.15F.  Not bad at all!

The Viggen is primarily an air-to-air fighter, but it can also be equipped with anti-ground rockets.

The Draken's available weapons packages are similar to the Viggen's.

The Saab 340AEW has nice 20-hex detection to see other planes, which can be key in protecting your borders from encroaching aircraft.

The Hkp.9A is a good tank and vehicle killer, and can also be fairly effective against ships.

The Hkp.6 is a basic transport helicopter that can carry two infantry units.

The Hkp.14 can carry a decent-sized load and has above average speed at 10 hexes per turn.

The Hkp.15B has a high rate of effectiveness against submarines.

The Strv.122 definitely has a Western-inspired profile for an MBT, very similar to the Leopard; it may well be a derivative, if not actually an import, but I'm not sure.

The Strv.121 bears a striking resemblance (at least going by the profile) to the German Leopard 2A4; as with the Strv.122, it may actually be a renamed import.

The Strf.9040 can carry a unit of infantry and can also dish out some punishment with its 40mm cannon (best used against infantry but also decent against other vehicles with 50 effectiveness).

The CV90 AMOS has a nasty anti-infantry mortar with a range of 2 hexes.

Okay, I'll come right out and say it: the Swedes don't have much imagination when it comes to naming their units.  Things like "PvRbBv.551" don't roll off the tongue too easily.  However, this unit does do one thing quite well, and that's kill enemy armor, with a nice 73 effectiveness.  If a unit is effective in doing its job, they can call it anything they want to (as long as it's family friendly, please keep in mind). 

The Archer is Sweden's only true ranged artillery unit.  Since it cannot move and shoot in the same turn, it's best used in a defensive fashion.

The Lvkv.90 is a good mobile anti-air unit, particularly against helicopters.

The Rbs.77 is Intercept-capable and has an effective range of four hexes against enemy aircraft.

The Rbs.15KA has Air Intercept and 7 hexes of range, making it a good option for protecting your perimeter.  Having multi-layered nets of Air Intercept is key to keeping encroaching enemy aircraft well away from your borders and ground units; they can also prevent an opposing player from using aircraft to acquire line of sight for their long-range weapons (do keep in mind that unlike in DS VII, however, DSP HD allows you to "fire blind" at facilities and target hexes!).  That is why Intercept capability may well be the single most important factor in the entire game, especially from a defensive standpoint.

Meet Sweden's best warship, the Visby.  Yes, it is indeed a stealth ship!

The Goteborg is a decently-armed vessel with up to 5 hexes of range against enemy ships.

The Stockholm has good firepower for a ship its size, but like all of Sweden's navy, it lacks Air Intercept.

Sweden's only submarine, the Gotland should serve its purpose against enemy ships and subs capably if it can get within firing range.

Well, that wraps up Sweden for now.  I think they'll be a fun Production type to try just to see how all of these unique units stack up!

Till next time...

AH-1 Cobra

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Jul 2, 2011

Just to let you know, yes, the strv. 121 and strv. 122 are imported Leopard 2 tanks; however, they have various improvements that the original model does not have.

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Jul 2, 2011

Thanks for the clarification, Major421!  And it's good to see you; we can use every voice of support to get DSP HD localized that we can get!

M109A6 パラディン

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Jul 13, 2011


Okay, I promised that I'd try to have a nice surprise put together for everyone sometime this week, and after A LOT of hard work, tweaking, and more than a little frustration, I finally am able to share the fruits of my labor. Over the past few days I created an 8-player map in DSP 3.0 specifically to use as a demonstration so the rest of you could better familiarize yourselves with the realities of what DSP HD will bring to the table. Yes, the graphical presentation is very different, but from everything I've read and seen DSP HD should have very similar (if not the exact same) overall play mechanics and unit values.

Due to the GINORMOUS file size that the software records at, I had to break up the presentation by turns; roughly 10 -15 minutes of video were eating up SERIOUS hard drive space before I compressed them in Windows Live Movie Maker. Once that was done, however, I was able to delete those enormous AVI files and go with a much more sensible WMV format to post here. It wasn't easy to get done; I'll leave it at that, but I figured you guys would appreciate the effort given how much goodness there is to see here.

The map itself is called "Demolition" and is 96 X 96 hexes in size (for reference, the only size available in DS VII is 64 X 64 hexes). Since the map size can be increased to a maximum of 256 X 256, it is very possible to place five or even six "continents" of the size shown here on such a map, which needless to say would define the term "epic" and would give players more than adequate room to build up their forces and delegate them to their liking well before too much interference from other players comes along. Think of it THIS way; a single 256 X 256 hex map would hold SIXTEEN of the 64 X 64 hex maps you're accustomed to from DS VII (seriously, do the math if you doubt this)! Such a match could VERY realistically take weeks or months depending on the length and frequency of your match continuations; it will be quite interesting to see how this will translate to a console-centric online service like PSN or XBox LIVE as nothing I can think of has ever enabled players to save multiplayer online games in-progress to return to later (perhaps with the exception of some MMORPGs and JRPGs). To be honest it's never been necessary before, but it will ABSOLUTELY be necessary in DSP HD, online or off; it's just the nature of the beast.

But I chose a smaller map size because it enabled me to get right to the fighting and interaction between the respective forces, which I felt you all would benefit from seeing. I carefully formed my battle lines and took up low-flying aircraft that weren't as likely to be intercepted and brought all of the armies as close as I dared; miraculously I didn't incur a single intercept casualty during the setup. I chose specific music tracks from the 25 available in DSP 3.0 that I felt were most appropriate for each nation (though I realize that is subjective; hopefully you will like my choices, and at any rate, they're WAY better than DS VII's droning, repetitive tracks!). The turn you are seeing is actually Turn 4; it's simply the first time anyone has attacked anybody else yet.

As I mentioned earlier, the movie is broken up according to each Production Type's turn during this 4th round, so there are 8 videos total, most around 10 minutes apiece. In the interest of expediency I decided to forego building anything here; everything was pre-built so I could get it as ready as possible for action before actual recording. The map itself represents all of the basic terrain types available in the primary (non-fantasy) set, from Jungle in the south to Snow and Ice-covered areas in the far north.

I plan to comment on some of the highlights before each section of the video so you'll know what to watch for. Hopefully this demo will prove helpful for you in better understanding the (often BIG) changes in unit values and play mechanics from DS VII that we'll be seeing should DSP HD be released here. So grab some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy a glimpse of what we'll all hopefully be experiencing within the coming year or so!

I plan to post these videos here as well as over at the FAQ for an easier-to-find reference, and I have put them up on YouTube as well...and who knows? These videos may just catch someone's attention to localize DSP 3.0 for the PC. Hey, I'D buy it in a heartbeat!!!


So here we go...

USA 20XX (BLUE) West Side of Map

I started off with the United States 20XX (one of Jack Power's custom Production Types with some extra new and on-the-drawing-board unit types that I included here); most if not all of these units will also be available to use in DSP HD, and depending on how extensive the tools in the Unit Editor are, we may well be able to add in any that didn't make it.

Some highlights of the USA's turn include:

A) Naval dominance against both the neighboring EU (European Union) and China, including a devastating megahex bombardment of EU ground forces guarding the bridge by an Iowa-class Refit.

B) The amazing range of the Valkyrie bomber; while I didn't get it to its intended target, its overall movement isn't too far slower than probably the fastest plane in the game, the SR-71 Blackbird.

C) The A-10 Warthog (both models) is just as tough and deals out as much punishment as ever.

D) The new US FCS tanks and mobile artillery are simply taking armored warfare to a new level. They can take an immense amount of punishment and are lethal against pretty much anything else out there.

E) You'll notice the Infantry capturing the bridge; this gives you a couple hexes extra line of sight around the captured segment. Also, you'll notice how despite the fact so much of the map is initially visible because of the Eye-In-The-Sky, it only sees planes and ships; more than once I was surprised by ground forces lurking in the weeds. Transversely, even other Eyes-In-The Skies seem to have trouble spotting a Raptor or similar stealthy plane unless someone passes close enough (within just a few hexes) to detect it).

F) The Raptor, the Wyvern, and other US warplanes show why they're considered the most advanced in the world.

G) The Zumwalt Refit blows an enemy vessel out of the water with its naval railgun.

H) While I had to wait until toward the end of China's turn to get it to happen (due to the fact so many Chinese aircraft died trying to deplete/get through the American Intercepts), I also finally got to show the MTHEL (Tactical Laser) intercepting a Chinese fighter-bomber; both were destroyed in the exchange, as I recall, but it IS nice-looking to behold.

I) Those Avengers (they look a lot like B2 Spirits) destroy an EU naval vessel while flying over land; it's a thing of beauty or very sobering, depending on your point of view regarding the consequences for gameplay (especially in limited-funds matches).

J)  The Independence lays mines near when I start moving the northern naval vessels.

CIS (RUSSIA) 20XX (RED) North Side of the Map

A) Russia's SPU-400 anti-air missile system flexes its muscles in a big way here.

B) The Kirov (formerly the Admiral Ushakov from DS VII; rechristened) is still a very formidable warship with devastating firepower and now Intercept.

C) Russian armor has definitely improved, but still mostly came up short against the tanks of the EU (Leopard series) and Japan.

D) Spetsnaz are TOUGH Infantry; just watch the whole thing and you'll see for yourselves!

E) The Smerch WILL BE a favorite of anyone who uses Russia in DSP HD, as they capably demonstrate their Megahex value here on both fronts.

F) The Berkut, the Terminator, and the Flatpack all have a very nice showing, flat-out stifling both the EU and Japanese aerial forces that come into their range.

G) The Blackjack bomber sinks a EU ship from a long ways off; methinks naval engagements are gonna get INTENSE, folks.

INDIA (GREEN) South Side of the Map

A) The new Arjun MBT looks to be a very capable front-line attacker.

B) The Prithvi megahexes several OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) units from far away; nasty.

C) Most of the Indian ships, for whatever reason, performed at or below average against their Chinese and OIC neigbors.

D) You can see a tank board an Indian LST, which then pulls out of the harbor.

ISRAEL (YELLOW) East Side of the Map

A) The Merkavas perform quite well, pretty much breaking even against the OIC's Al Hussein (which is a Jordanian model of the British Challenger) and the Japanese and Russian tanks to their north.

B) Israel's F-15 Ra'ams can do a serious number on naval vessels.

C) The naval battle with the OIC forces is pretty even, but unspectacular. However, the Israelis' exchange with the Japanese navy results in the complete obliteration of their northern fleet (by the end of Japans' round).

D) The Jericho is one of many missile systems that can throw ballistics a LONG way from friendly territory, as you can see here; ballistic missiles travel in "phases" depending on the distance of their flight to the target, so I wasn't able to show any of these weapons impacting in this video series (basically it's a Megahex ground explosion that usually destroys a facility).

E) Israel's air forces take a lot of punishment throughout the demo, but overall they stand up to it quite well (and they dish a lot back out, too!).

F) The impact of the Dolphin and Gal submarines that are so devastating in DS VII appears to have been scaled back considerably here. Still, they could prove to be highly effective in numbers due to their cheapness.

EU (European Union) 20XX (PURPLE) Northwest Side of the Map

The EU (which consists of several participating nations including Germany and France, but NOT Great Britain here) has some very nice units, but unfortunately they're sandwiched between the USA and CIS (Russia). That means that many of their aircraft never get a chance to really show what they can do; they're Intercepted from multiple angles and brought down in huge numbers here.

A) Still, the Typhoon does get to show off its nice anti-air range (it carries the 8-hex Meteor missile).

B) The Leopard series may just be the toughest-to-kill MBTs in the game. Doesn't matter WHO they're fighting, they are TOUGH.

C) While the EU ground forces at the bridge guarding their border with the USA are slaughtered (thanks in large part to a Megahex bombardment from the aforementioned Iowa class Refit), they hold their own to their west very well against the Russian ground units.

D) EU naval vessels, for the most part, seem to be clearly weaker than both their American and Russian neighbors.


Made up of several Mideast nations including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and others, the OIC have leveraged their oil-based riches to gather some impressive unit types.

A) You'll see the animation for both ground-based Suicide Tactical and Suicide Boats during the OIC's round. No gore or limbs flying (sorry if that disappoints anyone); just a simple fade into blinding light.

B) The Al-Riyadh (as well as other stealthy naval vessels), you may notice, is quite hard to hit even at fairly close range. Something about these types of ships apparently wreaks havoc on targeting systems.

C) The Shahine seems to be a good anti-air weapon.

D) The Al Hussein and the Al Khalid give the OIC serious credibility on the ground against anyone.

E) The Scud can strike a ground target/facility in a single turn from 20 hexes away.

F) A Frogfoot destroys a bridge in the OIC's north territory (along with an Israeli unit) to prevent further crossings by their enemies. This is a tactic that I believe will prove quite useful in buying time when you're on the ropes in a match.

PRC (PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA) 20XX (ORANGE) Southwest Corner of the Map

A) China has a nice naval exchange with India. Against the US Navy however, they're sorely outmatched.

B) When the American Raptors and other Intercept-capable planes and ships FINALLY ran out of ammo, the J-10 Flanker had a good showing against some Indian counterparts.

C) China DOES finally kill one of the USA's MTHEL Tactical Laser vehicles toward the end of their round (though it pays dearly in the exchange).

D) Unfortunately, similarly to India, the geography I made didn't allow for Chinese ground forces to see much action here. Maybe next time...

E) The Crotale looks to be a nice mobile anti-air weapon.

JAPAN 20XX (MAGENTA) Northeast Corner of the Map

Japan, much like the EU, finds itself sandwiched between two powerful foes (Russia and Israel) but nevertheless they do quite well for themselves. You'll likely notice how the white-hexed areas indicate safe flight paths for aircraft, while red/magenta hexes indicate a danger of Intercept fire. This is the case for ALL Production Types, as long as you can see the enemy units that are capable of firing at you.

A) The Japanese armor stifles the Russian ground advance from the west, and holds its own against the Israeli Merkavas, too.

B) Japanese mobile artillery takes a significant toll on enemy units.

C) The Japanese navy fights pretty evenly against the Russian fleet, and totally destroys the Israeli fleet to their south.

D) An F-2 Viper Zero equipped with anti-ship missiles fires on an Israeli vessel...and sinks it.

E) Japanese Patriots make life miserable (and short) for several enemy aircraft that get too close.

F) You'll notice a Japanese hovercraft unload a tank down toward their front facing Israel; the icons for loading/unloading are different but you'll adjust to them quickly.

Well, that wraps up this feature. I hope the "surprise" was worth waiting for! If any of you have any observations, questions, or want to see/know more, please post and let me know. I'll do what I can, though I can't make something this time-intensive a daily feature.

Till next time...

F-22 Raptor

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