Nov 19 2012
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Carnival Island, Beat Sketcher or Unfinished Swan?

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Which should I get?


All of those seems very interesting and fun as well.


However I played the Demo of Carnival Island and didn't quite convince me since it showed 4 games and the game description, says 25 games but not which games.


The Infinished Swan looks very nice and artistical and I love those type of interactive games, but I don't know if it will catch the attention of my 1yr baby who mostly loves colors.


Beat Sketcher after seeing the videos it was also quite colorful but haven't tried the Demo.


So which would you recommend?


Not saying that my baby will play, she enjoys watching colorful stuff and the colors of the Move entertains her!


Any ideas?


Thanks in Advanced!

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Re: Carnival Island, Beat Sketcher or Unfinished Swan?

Nov 21, 2012

Based off your list of desired games I would think that Beat Sketcher sounds like the most colorful and thus the game you want to end up with. However, there is a completely different colored game that comes to mind, and that is Dyad. If your young one likes colors then Dyad is a racing/shooter/puzzle-oriented hybrid that launched on the PlayStation Network this past Summer. My impression of the demo seemed like it could be an okay experience. There's a lot of spinning the track around and collecting pickups as you move along the surface.

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