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Re: Yes

Mar 28, 2013

BRIT-KO wrote:

Yep, my wife says I can have one lol, so hopefully on launch day if possible, if not ASAP thereafter.


moble isn't though Smiley Wink


Why?, you really have to ask?



@ the OP, you asked us, now how about you telling is you're getting one & why?


BRIT-KO wife said she would get me one for Christmas if i bought her this new log made bedroom set that cost over 3 grand...somebody is getting the shaft here.!!Smiley LOL

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Re: will you get the ps4 and why?

Mar 28, 2013

I will be buying the PS4, I am thinking of getting it near release date, even though I usually like waiting a little while for them to work out the bugs in a new system. It does also depend on how much it costs, if it`s a reasonable price, I may just buy it pretty close to release date if not release date, but it`s really to soon to tell, but I do know, it`s going to be a purchase for sure. (I am looking forward to the PS4, I just have to save up for it so I can get it on release date, of course I need to know the price so I know what to save up.)

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