Dec 05 2012
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where share video

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Hi there, i'm a french youtuber and i'm actually translating my video in english and i would like to know where i will be able to share or to talk about the video where i speak english . I know that my english is not very good and my accent is worse, but i want to try making all my video in french and in english Smiley Happy.

For example, my first video in english and in French :

English version :


Version française:


Thanks for your next answer Smiley Happy 


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Re: where share video

Dec 6, 2012

As far as these forums, this is probably the best place to post it.  I watched a few seconds (no offense; I was just curious what sort of video it was, I never planned on watching the whole thing Smiley Tongue) and I'm wondering what game you compare it too - GTA?  I couldn't understand that part.  From what I heard I think your English is quite good, but your accent does make it a bit hard.


Somewhat related, if anyone's interested, you can get SR3 cheap on PC as part of the THQ bundle:

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