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Re: top 10 hardest bosses

Sep 12, 2013

shadowstalker100 wrote:

Alluboy_ wrote:

renatabls wrote:




Gilgamesh (DLC) was also pain in the ___.


He's got 9999999 health, resets stagger bar after a while, so you never really have time to get high chain bonus, hits hards, removes debuffs etc. etc.

I've only managed to beat him on easy difficulty. :[

You actually beat him....????

I stagger, his weapons break, he seems to heal himself?

IDK I just never beat that guy.

Oh yeah, forgot the healing thing. Everytime stagger ends, he removes all his debuffs and heals himself like 5-10%. So if you actually want to hurt him, you need to remove more than that from his health. At least if you're going to stagger him.

If I remember right, poison works and helps a lot!

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