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Re: i hate the EMO stereotype

Dec 8, 2006

Patriot wrote:
Stereotypes in general are pointless and overused. Learning to accept and look past petty differences would do the world a lot of good.

Stereotypes, in general, are not pointless. Even though there are negative stereotypes, there are plenty more accurate positive stereotypes that often times payoff when you "use" them.

Negative stereotype in this situation. "Emo people are retarded and are always sad" and then you proceed to make fun of them.

Positive example. "Emo people are retarded and are always sad" so you choose not to hang out with them because they are simply not your type of people.........and you leave it at that. You used it to find the people you work best with.

Positive stereotypes are everywhere. As much as we all hate them, we use them. Let's not and try to be objective or politically correct. Let ish' flow! Call it like you see it.

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